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Thursday, January 3, 2002

More Cellphone Wackiness

After a little more research, I have discovered that I can already use my Motorola StarTac ST7868W to get email or update AvantGo with my Handspring Visor. Apparently it can act as a modem or a fax all by itself. All I need is a cable like this and a digital signal for my phone. Now I just have to get one of these cables and give it a spin.

This situation is rather different for me. Usually I do research until I'm blue in the face. This phone was almost an impulse buy (although I had researched the StarTac line in general) and it just keeps getting better. Maybe there's a lesson in that for me.

Forgotten Star Wars Heroes

UGO takes a look at some of the lesser Star Wars heroes. It includes a few that even the most die-hard Star Wars fan might be unaware of. The article's language might be a bit strong in places, but it's a nice and wierd look back at the movies we all know and love. Thanks Slashdot.

Titan Computer Update

I made a post on the Haus of Shogo today about a recent decision made by Titan Computer, the publisher of the Linux version of Shogo, to get out of the Linux game publishing business. Check it out for my brief take on the whole situation.

3G Products Trickling Out

Reuters is reporting that the first of the products using the so-called 3G cellular technology are hitting the market. 3G is also known as CDMA 2000 1x (my new phone supports CDMA 1900 and 800). The chief benefit of this technology is a theoretical 153 kilobit/sec transfer speed. While this all sounds very cool, the big cellular companies (like Verizon) are announcing 3G upgrades rolling out this year. When translated that means that some major markets will have the technology by the end of the year. Maybe. The possibilities are very cool, but it's going to be a long road ahead. Thanks Ars Technica.

Wednesday, January 2, 2002

WriteRights Done, Um, Properly

Some time ago I had heard that you could use the WinCE WriteRight screen protectors on a Handspring Visor. Unfortunately, I had just bought a pack of the ones for various Palms and the Visor. They protect the screen well, but substantially blur the screen (in the name of "glare reduction"). Tonight I bought a pack of the WinCE ones with a Compaq iPAQ on the front. They do work pretty well. The width is fine but the height is about a 1/4" too short. You could make up for it by putting a bit of scotch tape on the graffiti area and line the WriteRight up with the top of the screen. Despite the minor size difference, they look a lot better and the display is much crisper and clearer. Highly recommended.

MOH:AA Demo Update

Blue was asked by Electronic Arts to remove the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault single player demo that was posted yesterday (story). They asked that the file be kept offline until January 8.

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