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Monday, January 7, 2002

TeamSpeak Linux Client Poll

TeamSpeak, the makers of an in-game voice communication system, is taking a poll to determine interest in a Linux client. If you play Linux games online at all, go there and vote yes! You need to register with their forum first, but it is worth it. Thanks Linux Games.

Quake 2 r0.0.8

relnev has produced yet another update to his Quake 2 port to Linux, based on the id's recently-released source code. You can download it here. This new version fixes a bug that caused a crash when trying to change renderers from the menu. I will be writing a review of this as soon as I can. Thanks Linux Games.

Pondering the Imponderable

Well, it's mercifully over. Yesterday afternoon my Lions' season came to a close with a 15-10 victory over the Cowboys. Besides ending the season, it also closed the doors to the Pontiac Silverdome. Next year, the Lions will be back in Detroit at Ford Field. You have to give us Lions fans credit. Despite a dismal season, the team averaged 75,000 fans at the dome. That means we're: a) loyal, b) masochists, or c) both. I will be very interested to see if Matt Millen can do anything other than grimace from a luxury suite. This offseason could make or break both him and coach Marty Mornhinweg.

In other news, I ordered a cable to connect my Visor to my Motorola StarTac cellphone. I got this one over a couple of other ones because it is 18 inches long. The others I saw were just long enough to connect the two together. This way I can actually use the Visor at the same time. I've already got the Eudora Internet Suite installed and configured so I should be able to snag my mail and surf the web wherever I go, albeit at 14.4K. Expect a review once I get everything working.

Northwood P4s Unveiled

NDAs expired today on the new Northwood core Pentium 4s. They are very impressive from a number of standpoints. They run very cool for a 2Ghz processor and are quite overclockable. Yes, I just said that about a P4. Check out the preview from Kyle and the boys over at HardOCP. Despite the advantages and the new core, the newly released Athlon XP 2000+ (1.66 Ghz) is still faster than the 2.0 Ghz Northwoods at a much lower price.

I'll have to see what the prices on the Northwood P4s when I upgrade. While AMD still is better from a bang-for-buck standpoint, the Intel motherboard chipsets are far more stable. VIA spooks me in that respect.

Sunday, January 6, 2002

Windows, Dave Barry, and You

I'm a big Dave Barry fan. His column in today's paper talked about the joys of dealing with the various versions of Windows. Someone over at Slashdot found a link to the article on the Miami Herald's site. Check it out. Of course, I suppose I should say that I am typing this from my Windows 98 partition. I had to get my Diablo II fix.

RtCW to Incorporate PunkBuster

Even Balance announced that they have a contract with id to incorporate their PunkBuster anti-cheating technology into Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will be interesting to see how successful they are. Most anti-cheating measures haven't really helped much in online gaming. Thanks Blue's News.

OS X Q3A 1.31 Beta 3 Patch

Yes, folks, there's yet another beta version for the Mac OS X version of the Quake III Arena / Team Arena 1.31 patch. You can snag it, as always, from id' FTP server. Thanks Blue.

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