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Friday, January 11, 2002

UTII Interview

Gamespot interviewed Digital Extremes' Pancho Eekels about the recently-announced Unreal Tournament II. Among the more interesting tidbits from this article is the fact that there will be many more and varied player models to choose from. Also of note is that there will be no Assault gametype this time around. A pity, but I can understand why it isn't there. Those maps must be miserable to balance and play-test. Thanks Blue.


I got my fancy cable to connect my cellphone to my PDA in the mail today. Even as we speak, I am updating my AvantGo content. Very cool. However, 14.4K is also very slow . . . The point is that it works and works well. I'd mainly be using it for email anyway and that isn't anywhere near as much stuff to transfer. Too sweet.

UPDATE Well, I just got done updating AvantGo (that took almost six minutes), checking my mail, and sending a quick message to The Master and J.t.Qbe. While this is not something I'll need to use all the time, the coolness factor is off the chart. Also thanks to Skip at EZ-Net for helping me sort out a minor password problem with it.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

TW-CTF v1.2 Released

Threewave has announced the version 1.2 release on their site. Mirrors for the download are listed here.

New Patches Coming Soon

Blue got word that the 1.1 patch for Return to Castle Wolfenstein might be released as soon as today. I'm just hoping that the Linux single player binaries get released soon. Also, the Threewave team announced that version 1.2 of their popular Quake III Arena CTF mod will be released today. Expect links as soon as these come out.

Review: relnev's Quake 2 Port

Ever since id released the source code to Quake 2, relnev has been busily porting it to compile and run properly in Linux. In just a few weeks, he has really got it running well. Check out my review of version 0.0.8 of the port. Here's a snip to whet your tastebuds:
Compiling the source is quite easy. Just untar the code into your favorite location (I used /usr/src). If you want to compile a binary for playing Capture The Flag, use your favorite text editor to change the line at the beginning of the Makefile that says BUILDCTF_DLL=NO to BUILDCTF_DLL=YES. After that, just type make build_release. The only problem that I encountered with the compilation was that I didn't have the Mesa development files installed. I found it quickly on my Red Hat CDs and installed it. There is just something intrinsically cool about saying, "Hey! I'm compiling Quake 2!"

NFL Week #17 Final

Ahh, the last huzzah for the year. In the final week of the regular season, I went 9-6 and Eeyore went 8-7. For the entire season I was 150-98 (.605) and Eeyore was 141-107 (.569). In the 2000 season I was 161-87 (.649) and Eeyore was 132-101 (.566). She started in week #2 of 2001. So she improved by a few thousandths and I dropped by a full 11 games. Better luck next year?

For a good laugh, you can look back on my predictions for the playoffs. None of the three teams I picked to win their division in the AFC even made the playoffs. None of the three NFC wildcard teams I picked made the playoffs. The lesson here is: don't listen to me.

LBreakout2 2.1.2 Released

An updated version of what is quickly becoming one of my favorite games, LBreakout2, has been released. LBreakout2 is a Breakout/Arkanoid-style game for Linux that is incredibly addictive. You can snag the source here: lbreakout2-2.1.2.tar.gz Thanks Linux Games.

You will need SDL, SDL-mixer, and PNG libraries to run. They are included in most, if not all, Linux distributions. Just untar it then the old ./configure; make; make install and you are ready to roll.

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