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Saturday, January 12, 2002


Welp, I am now on my sixth year of marriage. Considering that I never expected to BE married, I consider this quite an achievement--not to mention that Eeyore somehow manages to put up with me.

We watched two movies over the last two days (another record), Rush Hour 2 and Lord of the Rings. Both were very good to excellent, in that order. I've always found Jackie Chan movies to be worth the time, and LoTR was just awesome. Now we've both decided we need to read the book so we can get the complete story.

NFL Wild-Card Playoffs

I ICQ'd Eeyore about picking these games but I don't know if she's actually around. At any rate, here are my picks for the wild-card round of the playoffs: Eagles, Raiders, Packers, Dolphins.

The Master comments: Eeyore's picks: Eagles, Raiders, Packers, Ravens (cuze she claims she's an idiot).

Friday, January 11, 2002

UTII Interview

Gamespot interviewed Digital Extremes' Pancho Eekels about the recently-announced Unreal Tournament II. Among the more interesting tidbits from this article is the fact that there will be many more and varied player models to choose from. Also of note is that there will be no Assault gametype this time around. A pity, but I can understand why it isn't there. Those maps must be miserable to balance and play-test. Thanks Blue.


I got my fancy cable to connect my cellphone to my PDA in the mail today. Even as we speak, I am updating my AvantGo content. Very cool. However, 14.4K is also very slow . . . The point is that it works and works well. I'd mainly be using it for email anyway and that isn't anywhere near as much stuff to transfer. Too sweet.

UPDATE Well, I just got done updating AvantGo (that took almost six minutes), checking my mail, and sending a quick message to The Master and J.t.Qbe. While this is not something I'll need to use all the time, the coolness factor is off the chart. Also thanks to Skip at EZ-Net for helping me sort out a minor password problem with it.

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