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Saturday, January 19, 2002

AOL to Buy Red Hat?

The Washington Post is reporting that AOL/Time Warner is in discussions to buy Red Hat, the most popular Linux distribution. This could give Red Hat tons of money to work on open source code and make Microsoft's life miserable. On the other hand, they might do for Red Hat what they did for Netscape. Thanks Linux Today.

NFL PS Week #2

Eeyore's picks for Playoff week 2: Bears, Raiders, Steelers, Packers. (Eeyore: Go Pack! Go!)

A.T. Hun comments: Not a chance! Bears, Patriots, Steelers, Rams.

RtCW SDK Clarification

id's Robert Duffy updated his .plan with a clarification on what was actually released last night in the Return to Castle Wolfenstein SDK.
To clear up a bit of confusion, what we released yesterday was the level editing tools and not the full SDK for Wolfenstein. Everything is there to create both single-player and multi-player maps. Also included is Escape ( from single-player ) and Beach ( from multi-player ) for reference.

The source code will be available soon.

Friday, January 18, 2002

Visor: Not Quite Dead?

I signed on as a Handspring developer to get access to the SDK and other materials. An email was sent out tonight to all Handspring developers regarding comments that led many to believe that they were abandoning their Visor line of PalmOS organizers. Here's what Handspring's Jeff Hawkins had to say:
There has been some confusion over Handspring's commitment to the organizer business as a result of comments we made in our recent conference call with financial analysts. We are sorry for any confusion we may have caused. I am writing to clarify our position.

Handspring remains committed to producing and supporting our organizer products. We believe that there will be a market for organizers for some time to come. What we intended in our earnings call is that because of our strong belief in the value of wireless communications, we are putting more and more of our development resources into our communicator products. This is true. We are very excited about the Treo communicator and are investing heavily in future communicator products.

The Visor product line has been an incredible success and the Springboard expansion slot supports many great solutions thanks to you. As the Visor product line matures we are consolidating the line into a few key products, Visor Pro, Visor Neo and Visor Edge. Going forward we will continue to support Springboard developers. We will continue to manufacture and sell Visor products as long as there is sufficient demand and we are able to build them. It is natural that as demand dictates we may reduce the number of SKUs and the geographies and channels in which they are available.

Again, I hope this clarifies any confusion we may have caused. Thank you for your support of Handspring in the past and I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.
This seems to make a lot more sense. I had a hard time imagining Handspring simply dumping the Visor and the Springboard expansion modules. Now, where's that color Visor Edge?

RtCW SDK Released

id Software has released the SDK for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. You can snag it from id's FTP site or Blue's list of mirrors. The SDK will enable people to make custom maps and mods for Wolfie. I wonder how long it will be before someone adds a Hitler boss character a la the original?

RtCW Linux Binaries, Demo

id Software has released the 1.1b single-player Linux binaries (which include the multiplayer updates) for Return to Castle Wolfenstein as well as the single player demo. You can get them all from id's FTP site. Otherwise you can check out Blue's mirrors to download the retail game binaries (9.2M), the full single-player demo (112M), or the no media demo (4.1M--the PK3 from the Win32 version is required).

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