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Friday, February 1, 2002

Pondering the Imponderable

Here's a little tip from the Hun. If it's late a night, you've had a hard day's work (including getting rid of the better part of a foot of snow), and you've had a beer, then that's not a good time to say, "Hey! I think I'll play around with some kernel RPMs!" I managed to somehow screw something up. Thankfully, I just checked my Linux boot disk a day or two ago and found out it didn't work, so I had a new one ready. If I hadn't had that, I would have been up a creek. After messing with a few things and trying to figure out the syntax for the Grub configuration file, everything's back to normal. Yeesh.

Duality Movie

Our very own J pointed me to this website: A couple of guys got together in their spare time and made a Star Wars-inspired movie using all blue screen shots. It's seriously cool. I highly recommend the download.

Animate LILO

In the "too cool, but why?" category we have these animated screens for the LILO bootloader. LILO comes with most Linux distributions and allows you to choose different operating systems or kernels on boot. One of the screens even includes a fully-functioning Breakout-style game. Pretty cool. Thanks Slashdot (and yes, the site is being Slashdotted right now).

AMD Gets Help

ZDNet News is reporting that AMD will announce an agreement with United Microelectronics to help them keep up with the demand for Athlon and Duron processors. According to the article, AMD actually ran out of two speeds of Athlon XP in the fourth quarter. Quite a nice problem to have. I can't wait until I get my 1800+ next week! Thanks Shacknews.

Thursday, January 31, 2002

Lions Waiting List?

Yes, Virginia, 'tis true. For the first time in their history, the Detroit Lions have a bona fide waiting list for season tickets. Part of this is due to moving into the sweet new Ford Field which, besides being in Detroit itself, is 15,000 seats smaller than the 80,000 seat Silverdome. Yes, the Packers have a mile-long list, but they are the only game in town. The Lions have competition from the Pistons and the almighty Red Wings. It just shows that Lions fans are the best (and probably most forgiving) fans in the country.

Netscape/Mozilla Cookie Problem

CNN is reporting that there is a flaw in the way that Netscape 6/Mozilla handles cookies. By viewing a specially coded HTML email, a user could be redirected to a website where the cookies could be stolen. Netscape 6 users can upgrade to 6.2.1. Mozilla users should upgrade to 0.9.7 (although I told you to do that five weeks ago). Thanks Blue's News.

MOA:AA Review

The Firing Squad posted a review of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, the Quake III engine-based WWII shooter from 2015. Basically their review is the exact opposite of their Return to Castle Wolfenstein review. Great singleplayer, mediocre (at best) multiplayer. From what little I could see from the demo (until I upgrade!) it really does seem like you are a part of Saving Private Ryan. Thanks Blue.

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