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Monday, March 4, 2002

Streaming Hubble Repair

I found another use for the Crossover plugin! I'm watching the 300K feed of NASA television which is broadcasting the repair of the Hubble Space Telescope by the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia. Way too cool. Thanks Ars Technica.

SS:SE Benchmarks

I was perusing HardOCP's review of the Visiontek GeForce4 Ti4600, and came across their Serious Sam: Second Edition benchmarks. On a lark, I decided to fire up my copy of it and see how my system stacks up. They used the same processor I have (an Athlon XP 1800+), but with a GeForce3 Ti500 (I have the the Ti200) and the aforementioned GeForce4. To run benchmarks in either edition of Serious Sam, pull down the console and type this command:


After that, choose a demo from the "Demo" menu. Since they used the "Elephant Atrium" demo, I did as well. You can check HardOCP for their scores. I used the same settings and no antialiasing. Serious Sam actually reports two speeds, I used the lower one. At 1600x1200x32 I got 30.5 fps. At 1024x768x32 I got 63.5 fps.

Obviously the newer cards are faster, but it is really something to see a new game playing smoothly at 1600x1200. That being said, my monitor can only refresh at 60Hz at that resolution, so I can't keep it there very long before I feel a seizure coming on :) Plus, the difference between 1600x1200 and 1024x768 visually is not great enough for me to warrant the resulting drop in framerate.

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