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Sunday, March 10, 2002

relnev's Quake 2 Port r0.9

relnev has released r0.9 of his Quake 2 source port. You can download the file directly here. Here's a list of the changes/fixes:After this release, relnev will be handing over the maintainership of the port to someone else. Thanks, relnev, for your efforts!

UPDATE! I just got the new port installed on my new system. At 1024x768 using Tweak3D's image quality autoexec.cfg, I got 99 fps. Actually, I got a faster score on my new box with 4x4 Guassian antialiasing and maximum anisotropic filtering than I did on my old box by itself.

VCR Alert!

Fox will be broadcasting a 2.5 minute trailer of Star Wars: Episode II in between Malcom in the Middle and X-Files tonight. Get those VCRs and Tivos set up! Thanks Slashdot.

Mark Rein Interview

HomeLan Fed posted an interview with Epic's Mark Rein, covering the Unreal Engine and the forthcoming games in the Unreal universe. Unreal Tournament 2 will be out around the end of June. Unreal 2 should be out by Christmas (and is having the multiplayer component dropped). Unreal Warfare is too far off to discuss. I'll be very interested in the UT2 test--especially if they have a Linux version. Thanks Blue.

Saturday, March 9, 2002

Pondering the Imponderable

Last night was the first night that I've been really glad that I have a UPS. We had an ice storm. Along with it came a couple of decent-size power dropouts. UPSes are one of those things that 99% of the time you never think about. But that 1% of the time they are worth their weight in gold.

J.t.Qbe comments: We got your storm on Saturday afternoon: the sky got really dark and suddenly we had high wind gusts. Then the power went out at 1:30 pm. At 6 we finally packed up and went to a hotel; around the time we got there, the power came back on. Oh well--better safe than sorry!

JKII Stormtrooper Model for Q3A

LucasArts and Raven have teamed up to release a Stormtrooper model for Quake III Arena. The model, skins, and sounds are right from the forthcoming Jedi Knight II. Pretty slick. Thanks Blue.

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