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Thursday, March 14, 2002

RtCW Patch Tomorrow

The Return to Castle Wolfenstein patch that was supposed to be released today has been pushed back to tomorrow. Here are a list of the fixes it will contain:Thanks Shacknews.

SW: JK2: JO Gold!

I'm amazed A.T. didn't beat me to this: The Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast website has been updated announcing that said game has gone Gold. James Monroe of Raven announced in his .plan that the game is due to be on retailer shelves March 29.

A.T. Hun comments: Doh! I had a meeting and I missed it! I will definitely be picking this bad-boy up as soon as I possibly can (read: when Best Buy has it on sale).

Competition Is Good

Today we got some good news that competition is alive and well on the computing scene. AMD's marketshare rose from 18 to 22% in 2001. Also, ATi announced its own Radeon IGP chipset. AnandTech has all the details. It's good to see that they are keeping Intel and NVIDIA honest. Thanks to HardOCP for the links.

Now if ATi can only learn how to write drivers . . .

The Master comments: Every time I think AMD is going to end up on the ropes, they show they've got what it takes to play in the bigs. Thank goodness for that. Once Hammer comes out, they really have a chance at something awesome.

A.T. Hun comments: I just read in PC Magazine that there are rumors that Intel may be cloning Hammer because the Itanium looks like it will be a chip without a market. Now wouldn't THAT be a turn of events.



Tension breaker-had to be done.

Sorry about the holes in news coverage. A.T. is a busy guy outside of this site, and I've been involved in some nasty stuff at work that's kept me away from anything other than work. So, I'm not really doing a good job of covering. Heck, this is my first "break" in two & 1/2 days . . .

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

AMD Moves to .13 Micron

AMD announced today that it will be shipping its .13 micron Thoroughbred processor. As a matter of fact, all of their CPUs will be shrinking soon. Here's a snip:
By the end of 2002, AMD expects that all of the AMD Athlon processor family will be produced on .13 micron technology. AMD also expects to begin shipping its next-generation processor codenamed "Hammer," which uses a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) version of the .13 micron technology, at the end of the year.
Pretty slick. I'm glad to see they are keeping the pressure on Intel. Thanks HardOCP.

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