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Monday, March 18, 2002

Might & Magics (plural!) Gold

Gone Gold is now Might & Magic IX and Heroes IV have gone gold. Don't they know about the stack of unplayed games I already have? Don't they care? Oh well, I guess I still have a week or two to finish them all.

I hope that 3DO can pull off another M&M VI: good game, almost no bugs (and thus no patch needed right away), lots of fun right out of the box! I'm not going to get Heroes IV, though; Heroes III is ok but not the type of game I'd jump at.

Sunday, March 17, 2002

Pondering the Imponderable

Here it is, St. Patrick's day, and I don't have any Guinness. Oh well. I do have some Red Hook ESB in the fridge. That'll have to do. If you are having a few beverages with your celebration today please don't drive anywhere. We don't need any more statistics.

LAN Partying Made Easy

HardOCP has an article on some new hardware that would make going to a LAN party a lot less painful. Club Louie has LAN parties really close to me, but part of my problem is what that article describes--lugging all of my stuff to the party. Plus Saturdays are kind of busy for me and I usually need my computer for business purposes. But a laptop with the mobile ATi or NVIDIA solutions might do the trick--assuming I could afford one sometime this lifetime.

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