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Thursday, April 11, 2002

Hailstorm DOA

MSNBC quotes the New York Times who reported that Microsoft has apparently dumped My Services, formerly known as Hailstorm. Here's a quote:
Microsoft was unable to find many companies willing to commit themselves to the program, The Times reported, quoting industry consultants and Microsoft partners.

In particular, Microsoft was unable to persuade developers or consumer companies that it had resolved privacy and security concerns inherent in storing vast amounts of personal data itself, the newspaper said.
Can the news get any better today?

But let me be clear: I'm not just opposed to Microsoft doing this, I'm opposed to giving any company all of my personal information to do whatever they want with. I don't care what their EULA says, those things can change in a heartbeat. I don't trust what they will do with my data, nor do I trust that they will be able to protect my data. I have nothing to hide, but I'm not interested in sharing with everyone either.

Anti-CBDTPA Campaign Working?

Reuters is reporting that Congress has been bombarded with letters, faxes, and email opposing the CBDTPA (see my news item from last month). Whaddaya know? Democracy might actually work! Maybe this will make Senator Hollings (D-Disney) go away, but I kind of doubt it. Thanks Slashdot.

Nevertheless, if you haven't done so yet, contact your senator and let them know why you oppose the CBDTPA.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Next Office: Crippleware?

According to ExtremeTech, Microsoft is considering making its next version of Office crippleware. Basically, if you don't pony up more cash after a year, Office becomes a bloated version of M$'s Word and Excel viewers. I pray this happens. Nothing could make people flock to other solutions (and maybe even away from Windows entirely?) like making Office subscription-based.

The Master comments: Yup-this would do a LOT of damage to Microsoft Office. Since Office is M$es primary revenue stream, that would be a real nice marketing driver to wake up those powers that be. I just can't see home users yacking up $350 a year to run Office. Heck, the only way home users can AFFORD office anymore is to buy it as part of a new PC. Otherwise it's at least $400 for an UPGRADE version. Last time I checked it was $1K for a full Pro install. Give me a break.

Mozilla 1.0 Branch Cut

The Mozilla Project has cut a code branch for version 1.0 of their web browsing suite! Expect 1.0 Release Candidate 1 relatively soon. The roadmap indicates that they hope to release RC1 on Monday. After that, it depends on how many bugs still need fixing before they go to RC2 or a full 1.0 release. Almost there!

JKII: Completed

I think I just broke a personal record. I very rarely play a game all the way through soon after I buy it, but I did with Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. It was a very cool game. I highly recommend it. Now for some multiplayer action. Oh yeah, I'll probably go through the single player again too :)

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