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Monday, April 29, 2002

Speed Boost in JKII under WineX

I turned down my texture detail from "very high" to "high" when running Jedi Knight II under WineX in Linux. That resulted in much faster load times without a huge impact on image quality. I didn't notice and "hiccups" or random pauses in the action either. Methinks a bit more memory (I have 256M of PC2100 now) would take care of the problem, but there are a couple other purchases in the queue before I get another stick of DDR RAM.

Sunday, April 28, 2002

Another SoF II Preview

IGN posted a hands-on preview of Solider of Fortune II. The preview focuses on the gore level (plenty), the AI (surprisingly good), and the level design (well, of the first few levels anyway). If I weren't so busy playing Jedi Outcast over and over again, I'd seriously consider picking this one up, especially after finding the multiplayer test to be quite enjoyable. Thanks Blue.

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