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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

ArtifeX's Saber and Force Guides

ArtifeX has posted quite lengthy guides to using the lightsaber and force powers in Jedi Outcast multiplayer on his website. I've taken his advice since he first posted this on the forums and my dueling skills have improved dramatically. Not that I still don't need a lot of work . . . Thanks

SoF MP Test Under WineX

Following the news on Linux Games, I tried to run the Soldier of Fortune II multiplayer test under Transgaming's WineX in Linux. Everything worked just about as well as Jedi Knight II did, with similar slowdowns on occasion. I would imagine lowering the texture detail a notch from maximum or getting a bit more memory would fix it, just like it did with JKII.

What I'd really like to do is get Diablo II working, but that one doesn't want to agree with me for some reason.

UPDATE! Sure enough, changing the texture detail to "normal" from "high" took care of the occasional "stuttering" I was experiencing.

Bot Routes in JKII Maps

Raven's James Monroe updated his .plan with information on how to add bot routes to your custom maps. That way, the bots will actually be able to play instead of jumping around like crazy. Jedi Knight 2 Maps has a mirror of this information in lovely dark gray on black text. The Master loves it when sites do that.

The Master comments: Actually, I love it more when a website uses black text on a dark blue/white horizontal line background (ie: RoadRunner) -- that just !sucks!

Monday, April 29, 2002

Speed Boost in JKII under WineX

I turned down my texture detail from "very high" to "high" when running Jedi Knight II under WineX in Linux. That resulted in much faster load times without a huge impact on image quality. I didn't notice and "hiccups" or random pauses in the action either. Methinks a bit more memory (I have 256M of PC2100 now) would take care of the problem, but there are a couple other purchases in the queue before I get another stick of DDR RAM.

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