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Saturday, May 4, 2002

JKII Completed, Again

OK, I just finished Jedi Knight II for the third time. There's never been any game I've played through so quickly, much less three times in a row. Gads, I hope they come out with an expansion pack. Dicing up Reborn is just too fun for words.

Max is BACK!

TechTV is re-airing all 14 episodes of Max Headroom on Fridays. I caught the first two episodes last night. Man, talk about a return to my youth, or something :-) I've been looking for Lorimar to release this stuff in DVD, I guess this will have to do. Sometimes cheezy, but very entertaining. Thank you, TTV!

Friday, May 3, 2002

SoF II Fixes

Raven's Bryan Dube made the first entry into his .plan with a whopping great list of fixes/changes/updates that have been made to Solider of Fortune II as a result of the multiplayer test. They are listening!

HP/Compaq Merger Approved

In the "one day we'll all look back on this and laugh" department, the votes have been tabulated and re-tabulated. The result? The HP/Compaq merger has been approved by 45.3 million shares, or about 3% of the total shares held. I've a feeling that history will show this merger to be about as successful as the Time-Warner/AOL merger. Thanks Slashdot.

DOOM III Announced

id and Activision have formally announced DOOM III which will be on display at E3. I guess they decided that "the new DOOM game" wasn't such a great name after all. There's just about zilch for details, other than the usual exec-speak. I imagine we'll be hearing more than a little bit about this as E3 draw closer. Thanks Shacknews.

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