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Saturday, June 15, 2002

Real Virus Threats

Today I got a couple of very similar emails, both with two attachments. One claimed to be the latest patch for Internet Explorer. It even had a forged address. Of course, the wording of the email led me to believe it came from someplace where English is a second language. Sure enough, it came from Brazil. Here's the text:
Hello,This is a IE 6.0 patch
I wish you would like it.
Yep, that's the normal correspondence I get from BillG all the time. I wish the author would fling himself into an active volcano. This is our good friend Klez. Rah. Technically, it's a worm, not a virus, but I wanted to play off yesterday's headline since I'm so very clever.

Remember, kids, if you aren't expecting an email attachment, delete it unopened! I know I did! Of course, I got this message in my Red Hat 7.3 install, so Klez wouldn't have been able to do anything anyway.

J.t.Qbe comments: That's worth repeating: don't open up unexpected email attachments. Better yet, don't open up any attachments in Outlook--just say no to Outlook. Still better: don't use Windows!

Friday, June 14, 2002

Fake Virus Threats

I happened to see an article on the front page of the paper today about a "new" virus that can infect picture files. Naturally I was skeptical, especially since there was very litttle proof offered as to how it would work. Another tip-off was that the only person quoted was someone from McAfee. Hmm. Well, michael at Slashdot takes them to task for making up virus threats. Basically this virus story is a great big loaf of crap that is regurgitated by newspaper editors all over the country as if it were a real story. Congratulations, McAfee. Your product successfully detects a virus that doesn't exist and does no damage even if it did. Hooray for you.

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