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Monday, July 15, 2002

Walker Lindh Pleads Guilty

John Walker Lindh, who turned his back on his country to team up with the Taliban, has agreed to a plea bargain that will put him behind bars for 20 years and force him to assist the government investigation into terrorism. I personally think he's getting off easy, but I realize it would've been hard to get all ten counts to stand up.

Yeah, I know this isn't standard Haus fare, but it certainly is of interest to any American.

Kill Jar Jar!

As if Raven needed more help selling copies of Jedi Knight II, there's a new model out that will guarantee a few more sales. Yes, it's the Gungan that everybody loves to hate. It's Jar Jar! The model is quite nice. The only caveat is that he runs and moves like a human instead of like a Gungan. There is a Jar Jar skin and a generic Gungan skin. Both have unique sounds direct from (I assume) Episode I. He's Jar Jar and you've got a lightsaber. Hmmmmm.

Gamespot Gives You Spyware

According to ExtremeTech, if you use Gamespot's download manager, you also get spyware and potentially Microsoft digital rights management software. Naturally, a Gamespot rep gave this comforting reply:
Of course you could [track users], but we don't.
Boy, I feel all better now! So you pay for added content and you get spyware in return. Such a deal. Thanks Blue.

J.t.Qbe comments: You know, I used to go to Gamespot all the time--they had a lot of good stuff. Since they went to the pay-for-content model I've stayed away and have found plenty of good stuff elsewhere on the web. Guess what? I don't miss Gamespot, not one bit. Especially since this bit of news came out.

Saturday, July 13, 2002

SoF II Postmortem

GameSpy took a page out of Gamasutra's book and posted a postmortem of Solider of Fortune II, written by Project Lead, Jon Zuk. Those postmortems always give a lot of insight into what goes into making the games we play what they are, both for good and for bad. Now they just need to get someone to write one for Jedi Knight II!

NWN Review on the AVault

Adrenaline Vault posted their review of Neverwinter Nights, the latest RPG from Bioware. AVault gives the game a thorough review from top to bottom. While they find some problems, they still consider it a "must own" for any RPG fan. Thanks Blue.

I've been mulling buying this one for a couple of weeks. Basically, I don't want to spend $59 for it. I did find it at Sam's Club for $46, but I was hoping to find it for less than that. So far, no luck.

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