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Sunday, August 4, 2002

UT2K3 Chat Log

In the Infogrames forums there was posted a chat log with Mark Rein discussing Unreal Tournament 2003. Most interesting to me were the comments on the possibility of a Linux client. Here's the scoop (I just yanked Rein's answers to the various questions about whether or not there would be a Linux client):I believe that Daniel Vogel still works for Epic. He was responsible for a lot of the Linux port of the original UT. If there is a Linux client, I'll probably buy the game on general principle :)

Saturday, August 3, 2002


Migrating PCs today, and I tried to install Palm Desktop on my PC so Eeyore would be able to hotsync her palm in her account on my Win2k machine. Well, Palm Desktop doesn't understand any machine that doesn't have a C: drive as it's root, and refuses to install.

To all developers who use install applications, and set them up to automatically install on a specific drive/path: NEVER ASSUME THE PATH BEGINS WITH C:! Use the damn variables InstallShield or whatever installer you use to select the root drive, path, and programfiles path, and those of us with custom setups won't be getting this irritated. Thank you.

Win2K SP3 Released

Microsoft has released service pack 3 for Windows 2000. The full network installation weighs in at about 125M. As always when it comes to these service packs, make sure you have a good backup . . .

The Master comments: And make sure it's a valid licensed copy of Win2k before you go upgrading--every connection to Windows Update after SP3 is going to validate your license against a Microsoft database, and I'm sure Microsoft will know if you're cheating . . .

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