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Sunday, August 25, 2002

FiringSquad Does QuakeCon

The FiringSquad posted their overview of QuakeCon. Like most of these things, they focus mainly on DOOM III. There are even a few new tidbits in there I have not read anyplace else. It's a nice read for a (hopefully) boring Sunday. Thanks Blue.

Saturday, August 24, 2002

Pondering the Imponderable

It's been a busy week, and it's not over yet. Actually, it's been a surprisingly busy summer. I've got another week of vacation coming, but I don't know when I'll have the time to take it. In lieu of an actual vacation, I've been taking "mini-vacations" to play a bit of Neverwinter Nights. I've been pretty pleased with the game so far. My Druid (level 11) is in the beginning of chapter 3. I haven't seen the need to try to plow through the game just to get to the end or get a review written. I'm taking in many of the side-quests and enjoying the scenery.

I have to laugh how it's becoming semi-fashionable to write negative reviews of NWN. I guess after everybody gushed about it, such a backlash was inevitable. I think I'm fortunate in that I never got into Baldur's Gate. The BG fans seem to think that NWN would be BG3, which it most definitely is not. I like the game because I only have to deal with one character whom I can give as much TLC as necessary. It also gives me a nice break from my constant diet of shooters. Once J.t.Qbe gets back online, we'll have to try out some multiplayer. The allure of co-op is almost too tasty for words.

I'm really looking forward to the Linux client. That addition would spring NWN into an entirely different realm. To be able to play the game without rebooting would be wonderful. Once the client is released and I have some time to mess with it, I'll post a review. It will focus more on the Linux port rather than a general review of NWN. There are plenty of those out there already.

America's Army 1.21 Patch

Somehow I missed the America's Army 1.2.0 patch earlier this week which added Airborne school and Ranger school to the UT-based shooter. You can get the full patch here (71M) or the patch from 1.1.1 here (49M). The 1.1.1 patch is the one that added Sniper school. Today, the 1.2.1 patch was released which fixes some minor bugs in the 1.2.0 patch. You can download it here (1.18M).

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