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Thursday, August 29, 2002

Netscape 7.0 Released

Netscape has released version 7.0 of their web browser, based on Mozilla 1.0.1. You can download it here. Personally, I prefer using Mozilla directly because it doesn't give all the extra garbage the Netscape slaps along with their browsers. However, it does give AOL and Netscape Mail users the ability to access their mail directly, which is handy if you use either of those services. If you always wanted to try Mozilla but prefer a released geared more for end-users, check out Netscape 7. Thanks MozillaZine.

UT2K3 System Specs

Nothing has been released yet, but Unreality got their hands on the system requirements for Unreal Tournament 2003. The game will take up a whopping 3G of disk space and will require at least a 733 Mhz processor, 1Ghz or greater recommended. Eeep! Looks like it will really be able to test my swank new(ish) system! Thanks Shacknews.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Skin the Lizard!

OK, that sound just plain wrong. Now that you've downloaded Mozilla 1.1 (story)--and you have, haven't you?--it's time to have a little fun. Head over to DeskMod and pick out a new skin for it! My personal favorite is Pinball because it is nice and small, allowing you to utilize the maximum amount of screen real estate. It's even been updated to support the latest goodies in Mozilla 1.1. Check it out!

The Master comments: Hey, this pinball skin is pretty sweet! :-)

J.t.Qbe comments: I like it too. It really does free up a noticeable amount of real estate.

Pegasus Mail 4.02 released

David Harris, author of Pegasus Mail has released version 4.02 for download. This version contains over 400 fixes for known problems in 4.01, and gets things stable for the new feature releases planned in 4.1.

Pegasus is the mail client I've used since my first days using a PC on the internet, and I like it. It's not vulnerable to the 4 billion exchange viruses, and it's simple, fast and free.

Icewind Dale 2 Released

Black Isle's latest, Icewind Dale 2, shipped yesterday and may be hitting stores as early as today. It's another combat-oriented Infinity Engine AD&D game and will probably sell a zillion copies. I didn't plan to get Icewind Dale but got a great deal on clearance at Target. I didn't plan to like Icewind Dale because of it's linearity and heavy emphasis on combat, but ended up playing it quite a bit--more than I've played any other Bioware AD&D game. Icewind Dale 2 sounds cooler than the original. Must. . .avoid. . .EB. . .

A.T. Hun comments: The Gamespy review seems less than enthusiastic about it. I think it's high time that the Infinity engine was put out to pasture. And why is it that there's hasn't been an RPG in history (including my current fav Neverwinter Nights) that has decent pathfinding?

And now that you're back online, how about some of that NWN co-op we talked about?

J.t.Qbe comments: I grabbed PC Gamer this afternoon and they give it a rating of 87%. Their review reads a lot like Gamespy's: if you liked IWD and want more of it, this is the game. No major negatives to the game; it just isn't anything new and spectacular. For lots of IWD fans, it'll be a great game.

I'll give you a call about some NWN online action. I still have some home network wrinkles to iron out.

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