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Friday, September 20, 2002

UT2K3 Gone Gold

Epic's Mark Rein made this post on the Infogrames forums indicating that Unreal Tournament 2003 went gold this morning. Of greatest interest (to me, anyway) is this blurb about Linux support:

The Linux installer is included on Disc 3 of the 3 CD set! We support both client and server for Linux. Unfortunately there's no mention of Linux on the box because we didn't know it would be done in time so please tell all your Linux gaming friends that UT2003 is ready for them!

Yep, Linux binaries out of the box! Pretty amazing. I'm rather surprised that their publisher let them do that. Epic's Steve Polge also made this follow-up post talking about things they changed as a result of feedback from the demo. Thanks Blue's News.

The Master comments: I have been playing a LOT of UT2K3 against bots since the demo release. I am VERY impressed. I'm still learning all the little tricks and techniques--this game is a LOT more intricate than anything in the id universe--but I am very impressed, and I intend to purchase this the first time it's on sale at Best Buy (no affiliation yadda yadda).

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Blizzard Announces StarCraft: Ghost

Blizzard has finally announced their new game: StarCraft: Ghost. SC:G is a 3rd person action game based on the StarCraft universe, with your character being a Ghost trooper, being co-developed with Nihilistic Software. So far, all Blizzard has announced is the game will be targeted on "next generation consoles".

A.T. Hun comments: I was kind of hoping for Diablo III, but there ya go.

J.t.Qbe comments: But you don't have to wait for Diablo III--it's called Divine Divinity and it's in stores today! Ok, so maybe that's not fair--I've heard that DD gets far less Diablo-like as the game goes on, but I wasn't able to make myself play the demo for more than an hour. Time will tell; I already have too many RPGs to play. Plus I'm really looking forward to Arx Fatalis anyway.

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