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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

DOOM: The Movie

Well, it's been talked about long enough. Now it appears that id has signed a deal with Warner Brothers to make a movie based on DOOM. I don't know how you make a movie (especially not a PG-13 one) about a game that has no plot at all. I wonder who they'll get in the coveted role of the DOOM guy?

Call It GNU/Linux

RMS and his cronies posted a long diatribe a FAQ on why Linux should properly be referred to as GNU/Linux. Ya know, if RMS really wants his own OS that badly, he could actually work on his Hurd kernel and make it not suck. Then he wouldn't need Linus et alii anymore. While I appreciate the contributions the GNU project has made, an awful lot of the Linux code I use is not GNU (the kernel itself and KDE come to mind). It will be a cold day in you-know-where when I call Linux GNU/Linux. Sometimes I have to wonder what RMS' real agenda is. Thanks Slashdot.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

How to Make a GPU

AnandTech got a tour of ATI and NVIDIA's compounds and came back with information on how they design and produce GPUs. The article showed me just how little I know about this type of engineering. With so much cash being poured into each design, it's easy to see how a company like 3dfx can go from top-of-the-heap to bankruptcy with only one botched release. It's worth reading the article just to see NVIDIA's massive server farms. How'd you like to maintain that one, TM?

The Master comments: Dude--I am lusting for that $20 million rack of Sun boxen :-) I feel the need for several thousand GB of ram and THAT much CPU power :) Think Master of Orion 2 would run good on that? How about UT2K3?

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