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Sunday, September 29, 2002

NFL Week #4 So Far

As you've probably noticed, I'm back. Nothing like three straight days of meetings to melt your brain. Anyway, how 'bout them Lions? Even though I didn't pick them, I'm thrilled to be wrong. Now all the NFL taunting can go back to the Bengals where it belongs. This week hasn't been as good for picks as last week by any means. Still, given the number of upsets, things aren't looking too bad. With the Monday night game remaining, I am 8-5 and Eeyore is 6-7.

NWN Linux Client Update

Bioware has once again updated their Neverwinter Nights Linux client page with more information on the status of their port. Here's the scoop:

We're continuing to work on the sound code (we're using OpenAL). Currently, all the sounds are playing (with the exception of streaming sounds), but there are still a few issues with them, such as the positioning of the 3D sounds not working quite right as they don't seem to be fading/panning properly. Support for playing streaming sounds will be the next thing to be added in.
Can't wait! Thanks Linux Games.

Red Hat 8.0 Tomorrow

eWeek is reporting that Red Hat will release version 8.0 of its popular Linux distribution tomorrow. The article is very light on details, other than Red Hat's controversial decision to make a unified desktop for Gnome and KDE. I'm not sure where I stand on that one. Hopefully more specific details will be forthcoming.

Unclean 2.0

Whilst perusing my latest PC Magazine, I saw an article on their newest free utility, Unclean 2.0. This works on Windows 9x, NT4, 2K, and XP. It allows you to see all of the extended uninstall information for any file installed on your system. It can even flag potential problems. Cool stuff. The only caveat is that you have to register to download it.


Just visited Mac Hall for a quick chuckle, and saw they had a little article about Ian's adventures in Morrowind. Okay, I may get into the whole violent sick crazy gamer thing, but this just made me laugh myself to unconsciousness >:)

Saturday, September 28, 2002

There And Back Again

It's been a busy week for Haus staff, apparently. I spent the week back at the mother ship--er, home office--in the Twin Cities. I spent the week visiting with people I haven't seen in a year, attending brainstorming/design meetings, and drinking more beer than I've had all year (not that that's too tough this year). It was a good week and I hope to do it again, but not too soon. I hate Minnesota winters.


What a long week. I spent most of Monday and Tuesday recovering from one of those bad server moments that no-one likes to remember at work. Then I went to Chicago to attend the ScanTech (or whatever they're calling it nowadays) convention. Got to look at wireless handheld computing for our warehouses. Cool stuff, and man has it gotten cheap. Today I'm going to be helping move furniture for a carpet shampooing and setting up a crib for the imminent arrival. Fear :-)

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