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Thursday, October 10, 2002

UT2K3 Crash Fix for Linux

If you've had problems like I've had with the Linux version of Unreal Tournament 2003 segfaulting when you try to create a single-player profile, then I've got good news for you. A fix has finally be found and a most unlikely one at that. Apparently if you don't have your own IP in the /etc/hosts file, the game will crash. Strange, but true. The next patch will include a more graceful way to handle this problem.

NWN 1.25 Patch Released

Bioware has released the 1.25 patch for their popular RPG, Neverwinter Nights. You can get it through the built-in updater in NWN. You can read the entire, gory changelist here. Perhaps most importantly, it adds new content including kobolds! :)

Mandrake 9.0 and Visors

The only gripe I've had about Mandrake 9.0 so far is getting my Visor Deluxe to sync with JPilot. Mandrake uses devfs which creates the /dev entries as the devices are needed. That's all fine and good, except that I can't change permissions on a device that doesn't exist. By default, only root can read and write it.

I found the solution via Google. There is a script called /etc/dynamic/scripts/visor.script that is run whenever a Palm or Visor is being synced. It creates a temporary symbolic link from the proper devfs entry to /dev/pilot. I changed the line that reads:

ln -sf $2 /dev/pilot

to read

ln -sf $2 /dev/pilot && chmod 666 $2

Basically, besides creating the symbolic link, it also gives read/write permission to everyone to that port. Since it only exists for the duration of the sync with devfs, there are no potential security issues (not that I think there are any in the first place).

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

NFL Week #5 Final

Another banner week for the Hunster! I was 11-3 and Eeyore was 8-6. Not too shabby. My fantasy team, the Fightin' Wombats, even managed to win. Overall I am now 47-27 (.635) and Eeyore is 39-35 (.527). It's a good thing I've had a couple of very good weeks to make up for the one miserable one I had.

I'm Back!

Well, this has been an interesting week so far! On Sunday I decided to upgrade my Red Hat 7.3 installation to 8.0. Unfortunately after doing so, I discovered that I didn't like it. An article on that will be forthcoming. At J.t.Qbe's prodding, I downloaded Mandrake 9.0 and installed it. I must say, I'm quite happy with it. Mandrake is based on Red Hat so I know where everything is and how it all works, even if I'm not familiar with their configuration utilities. An article on that will also be forthcoming.

Yesterday I picked up Unreal Tournament 2003. It took around 45 minutes to install because almost every file on the three CDs was compressed. That's a lot of work, even for an Athlon XP. I've been too busy tweaking Mandrake to play it much though.

A word to the wise: do not comment out a line in /etc/security/console.perms. You are in for a rude awakening when you reboot. Basically, the security system won't let you access your own root partition. Thankfully, Crawl was able to come over for a bit and work a bit of magic so I could restore the file to its original state and boot up. In case you do something this silly too, the command mount -o rw -o remount / will allow you mount the root partition in read/write mode to fix the file. It's either that or reinstall!

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