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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

UT2K3 Interview

PlanetUnreal interviewed Epic's Tim Sweeney and Cliff Bleszinski about Unreal Tournament 2003's production, current state, and future. I just finished the single-player game yesterday. I can't wait to find out what goodies are in store for us in the bonus pack! Thanks Blue's News.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Spammers Are Slime

Today I got 3 filthy spams at my email address. The subject line begins with "Spam detected by Bigfoot" and then contains the real subject. In a great demonstration of irony (and stupidity), they're calling their spam "spam", and ending the message with the disclaimer that it isn't really spam. Right, spammers. Are you slime, or are you garbage? My vote: both.

Old addictions die hard. Two words: original X-Com. Four more words: unproductive day at work.

NWN Linux Client Update

Bioware updated their Neverwinter Nights Linux client page with some new screenshots and this blurb:

We were working with sound this week and looking into some video card compatibility issues. I also was a bit surprised when I managed to get moving grass and wind effects up and running. Screenshots showing the moving grass have been added.

While the screenies are nice, it's kind of hard to show "moving grass" in a screenshot :)

NFL Week #7 Final

Eeyore and I split the games we had different this weekend so we ended up tied with nice 9-5 records. That puts me at 63-39 (.618) for the year and Eeyore is 57-45 (.559). Hooray for us! Or something!

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