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Friday, November 1, 2002

NWN Linux Client Update

Bioware updated their Neverwinter Nights Linux client page with a status update of that long-awaited port. Here's the news, typos and all:

Thanks to all of you that e-mailed in about Linux mouse wheel support. We really appreciate the support of the Linux community. We are still trudging along this week, working on various bugs and getting more features implemented into the Linux client. We have fixed an issue with the GCC compiler under RedHat 8, but are still working on the RedHat 8 high CPU utilization issue. Some of the GUI button issues in the Mac client also reared their ugly heads in the Linux client. Its certainly is nice to fix a bug on one platform and have it fix the others, too. Here are some Succubi screenshots for you veiwing pleasure.

Which reminds me, I haven't played NWN in quite some time. RTCW and then UT2K3 have stolen a lot of my gaming time recently. Maybe it's time to get back. Of course, getting the new gamepad moved me to dust off NHL 2001 too . . .

J.t.Qbe comments: I've actually been getting a hankering to play a little NWN myself too. With over 1500 user-made modules now available, I'll bet we can find a good one to play online.

Morrowind Expansion Gold

Shacknews got word from Bethesda that the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind expansion called Tribunal has gone gold. It should show up at your friendly local retailer next week (at least in North America). For more information on Tribunal, check out the FAQ.

J.t.Qbe comments: Wow, I wasn't expecting it so soon! Next week's going to be a biggie with this and Arx Fatalis (hopefully) hitting the shelves. Good thing I've been working some extra hours lately.

M$ Antitrust Ruling Today

The judge is supposed to report on whether or not she accepts the antitrust settlement that Microsoft made with the Department of Justice. The announcement will be made after the markets close today at 4:00 U.S. eastern time. We'll keep you posted.

UPDATE! The judge basically agreed with the settlement between the DoJ and Microsoft. Check CNN for all the details. MS was found to have committed anticompetitive actions, but I question how much this decision will really change anything. This is still far from over, especially if Sun, et al, decide to start suing.

J.t.Qbe comments: Well, I guess I'm not too surprised by this, after seeing the DoJ cave in to Microsoft's "settlement". I like the part where Microsoft's compliance will be overseen by a panel consisting of--get this--Microsoft representatives. Still, this may not be a bad thing: if Microsoft is allowed to run amok, it will simply drive more and more to recognize it for what it is and to seek alternatives.

The Master comments: Since this is another wimpy slap on the wrist for M$, I doubt we'll see anything less than total domination of the closed-source market by M$, and hopefully the open-source world will take it to the next level and give people an easy way to switch. Here's to hoping, because the government refuses to face the monster that is Microsoft. Funny, they had no problems with IBM or AT&T . . .

Thursday, October 31, 2002

Freelancer Preview

IGN posted a very brief preview of Freelancer, the upcoming space sim from Digital Anvil. I really hope this game lives up to expectations. I would love to have a modern version of Elite. We'll see . . . Thanks Evil Avatar.


I watched The Sum of All Fears last night. Let me say this: pretty much disregard the books AND all the previous movies. This thing is so screwed up timeline wise that I have NO idea how they can make any more movies. Gack.

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