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Thursday, November 7, 2002

Exult 1.0 Released

Over the years Ultima VII has come to be considered one of the top computer role-playing games of all time. However, U7 was originally released in the early 90s and computer technology has come a long way since then. Many modern computers have trouble even running the game due to its age and its quirky DOS memory manager.

For the last 4 years an open-source project has been working to overcome those difficulties, and has just released version 1.0 of Exult, a new game engine which uses the original U7 data and graphics files, allowing you to play the game on a modern computer at higher resolutions than the original U7. And it works not just on Windows, but also Mac and Linux.

I've been getting the itch to play Ultima VII again, so I'm going to have to give Exult a try again. After Arx Fatalis anyway.

M$ is losing the OSS war?

There's a post up on Open Source discussing a recently-leaked Microsoft Linux initiative memo. The memo seems to indicate that Microsoft is losing the FUD war they've been running with OSS for the last year. Good news :-)

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Arx Fatalis Released in US

If you liked Ultima Underworld, check out Arx Fatalis, unofficially called "Ultima Underworld 3". Developed in Europe, it's been available there for a few months now. Today's the day when we poor Americans get to see the full game. I got mine down at EB this afternoon just as they were putting the boxes on the shelf. So far it's looking and running better than the demo did, and the demo was pretty good. Great game so far!

Mozilla Bugs?

A number of sites (most notably, Slashdot) are linking to this article on The Register about six "serious" and "nasty" bugs in Mozilla. What the article failed to state, or at least state clearly, is that five of these bugs are fixed in Mozilla 1.0.1 and the sixth is fixed in Mozilla 1.2 beta. For those of you keeping score at home, 1.0.1 came out two months ago. The release came with this note:

This release is a bug fix and security follow-up to Mozilla 1.0. Mozilla 1.0 users that have not already upgraded to Mozilla 1.1 are strongly encouraged to upgrade to 1.0.1.

I'm all for timely bug reports so end users to make their system vulnerable. However, talking about problems that are already fixed without clearly pointing to said fix is nothing but FUD.

The Master comments: I saw those posts on both Slashdot and on C-Net the other day, and I thought they were making a lot out of nothing. Glad to see hyperbole still rules on the internet :-)

Ripping the Apple Ads

Whilst perusing this morning's funny pages, I came across today's FoxTrot which pokes fun at that stoner chick on the Apple "Switch" campaign. See if you can guess how many substances are coursing through her bloodstream! Bill Amend is always good for computer-related humor.

J.t.Qbe comments: And for more Apple goodness, don't miss this video for some laughs.

Review: UT2K3 in Linux

One reason why more people don't try Linux is that so few games are ported to it. Thanks to forward-thinking companies like id and Epic, that's starting to change. Today I present my review of Unreal Tournament 2003 on Linux. I really don't get into the game itself that much. There are all kinds of reviews on the 'Net that will fill you in on that stuff. I want to focus on Linux-related issues with the installer and hardware requirements. Can the latest and greatest shooter work well with Penguins? Click on the link and find out!

NWN Witchwork Module Interview

HomeLanFed posted an interview with members of the Bioware team about Witchwork, an official module coming soon for Neverwinter Nights. You can visit the official Witchwork site here. It appears that it will actually be a series of modules. I'm really happy that they are supporting NWN as well as they have been. I really need to get back to that game. I'm sure I'll be playing a lot more when the Linux client comes out. Thanks Shacknews.

Pondering the Imponderable

I did last night what I rarely do, I watched some of the major news outlets to keep up with how the elections were progressing. Now, I'll grant you that I am conservative and so my opinion is obviously biased (as all opinions are). However, I was moved to the point of nausea when I watched Nightline on ABC. They were going on and on in amazement of how the Republicans actually picked up some seats. They went into great detail, outlining how the Democrats will overcome this in 2004. Spin city. At least make an attempt to keep the tissue-thin facade of unbiased reporting intact. I didn't expect congratulations to flow to the GOP, but I would have hoped that they would have at least tried to figure out what (if any) message the American people were sending. Instead, it was more of a DNC strategy session.

Yeah I know this shouldn't surprise me. Maybe I'm just naive. At any rate, this will be the last I'll mention the elections. I promise :)

The Master comments: As I hate politics in general, and don't want to start any flame wars, I'll keep my comment short: I don't like the idea of a one party system. Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel comfortable when the government is run by people who don't need to look to a large minority when they make their decisions. The Democratic party definitely didn't do much in the way of leadership in these elections, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Not that I really want them running things either. Grrr.

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