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Thursday, November 21, 2002

More on the 64bit UT2K3

Ryan "icculus" Gordon, the man behind the Linux port of Unreal Tournament 2003, made a post on the UT2K3 Linux mailing list about the recent 64-bit demo of the game (story) by Epic and AMD at Comdex. Here's the scoop:

It took a little more than a week, but yes, we showed UT2003 running as a native 64-bit application on the Hammer during AMD's keynote.

The game was running on a 64-bit version of SuSE Linux 8.0. We do not have a 64-bit Windows version at this moment, but we will by the time Hammer is officially launched next year.

I am told that the demo has been moved to AMD's booth now that the keynote is over, so if you happen to be in Vegas, you can play with it yourself for the next day or so.

New ATi Linux Drivers

ATi has released new Linux drivers for the Radeon 8500 and higher. These drivers enable S3TC, meaning that Radeon owners can now play Unreal Tournament 2003 in Linux! Thanks Slashdot.

Q3A/TA 1.32b Linux Patch

id's Robert Duffy updated his .plan with word that the 1.32b patch for Quake III Arena/Team Arena in Linux has been released. It seems to address some problems with newer versions of XFree86. It is still network-compatible with 1.32.

Microsoft IE/IIS Vulnerabilities

There's a new problem that's been discovered with a Microsoft ActiveX control that allows anyone to run arbitrary code on any non-XP version of Windows. A fix is available here. The problem is that since the old control is signed by Microsoft, a website could knowingly or unknowingly give you the old, vulnerable version right back. The only solution? Remove Microsoft from your list of trusted publishers. Eeek.

This comes on the heels of another IE security hole that would allow someone to run arbitrary code on any Windows box. The really bad thing here is that Bugtraq posted working code showing how to exploit that bug to reformat someone's hard drive. Sheesh. That article has a link to a patch that may or may not completely fix that bug. Get patching! Thanks Slashdot.

J.t.Qbe comments: Speaking of Microsoft, there was an interesting article at The Register this morning: an internal Microsoft document about the (attempted) switch of Hotmail from FreeBSD to Win2K. Microsoft recognizes the benefits Unix fans have been touting for years, but of course can't publicly present them as benefits. Very interesting reading.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

64bit UT2K3 Running on Linux

VR-Zone got word of a demo of a 64-bit version Unreal Tournament 2003 running on AMD's Athlon 64 (aka Hammer) CPU and NVIDIA's GeForce FX. The OS? Linux! How about that? 64-bit PC gaming makes its debut with penguin power. Thanks Linux Games. Blue's News also posted the official press release from AMD and Epic.

The Master comments: Having had a chance to review the specs for AMDs x86-64 architecture from the developers guides, I was quite impressed by what I saw of the extensions to the x86 architecture, but I'm kind of shocked by the changes they made. A lot of things run VERY differently under 64-bit mode, and a lot of stuff was changed to make room for the extensions made. It will be good to see what kind of real-world performance we will see out of this architecture.

Neverwinter Nights Movie

A Korean clan called Asgard has released a movie called Holimion. The movie shows off their Neverwinter Nights mod of the same name. It's a pretty cool movie that shows off what you can do in NWN. Hopefully the mod will come out in English as well as Korean.

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