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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

NWN Expansions (Pre-)Announced

GameSpot posted two interviews with the Bioware team about two expansion packs coming soon for Neverwinter Nights. They will be officially announced tomorrow. The first is being developed with FloodGate Entertainment (including some members of the former Looking Glass) called The Shadows of Undrentide, which no doubt will be vying for the coveted "most misspelled title" award. The other expansion will come out later and doesn't even have a name yet. They hint that it will allow support for character levels about 20 and the ability to have more than one hireling. The musical question for me right now is: what about Linux support? I guess this means I should finish NWN itself. Thanks Blue.

Reason #1254 to Avoid FilePlanet

According to this article, Microsoft gave FilePlanet exclusive downloading rights to an Impossible Creatures stress test. That's all fine and good, except that the folks at GSI sent emails to FileShack and 3DGamers threatening that they would be in violation of the DMCA if they tried to host the file. It's bad enough that FilePlanet absolutely sucks (at least if you don't pay for premium service), now they have to stoop to this?

The Master comments: Pretty soon people are going to start sending DMCA threat letters, requesting that people stop breathing. That is one law that should have never been passed.

America's Army 1.4.0 Patch

The 1.4.0 patch for America's Army, the Unreal-based shooter from the U.S. Army, is available for download. There is a full version (299M), a patch from 1.2.1 (75M), and a patch from 1.3 (46M) available. Blue's News provided that link and also has a list of changes and fixes.

Review of UMG's Music Sharing

A Slashdot reader posted his experience using UMG's music sharing service. It seems like a step in the right direction, but is still too Windows-centric and restrictive for my tastes.

Shuttle Beowolf Cluster

This is one of those things that is cool just because it is. Los Alamos National Laboratory has a Beowolf cluster of Shuttle mini-PCs, 294 of them to be exact. The cluster runs "computational astrophysics simulations in the Theoretical Astrophysics group." The big question is, what kind of Quake III framerate does it get? Thanks HardOCP.

UT2K3 Bonus Pack Interview

HomeLan Fed interviewed Epic's Cliff Bleszinski about the upcoming bonus pack for Unreal Tournament 2003. Here's a snip:

There will be at least 5 new levels in the upcoming pack, maybe more. I am particularly fond of Alan's Junkyard map. It looks like no other level I've seen in recent memory. I'm working on a cool Ice Tomb level with Chris Perna; the level looks like a cross between the ice fortress in the new Bond movie and a set from Lord of the Rings. Cool stuff that plays like a dream.

Thanks Blue's News

Monday, November 25, 2002

Bad day

Today was the last day for our diabetic cat. She'd slowly been going downhill for several months, and our only options were extensive/expensive tests and cleaning bills, or else to let her go. We didn't want her to keep suffering. She wasn't too obviously sick yet, which made the decision much tougher. But the signs were there. This afternoon she made her last trip to the vet. We'll miss her for a long time. Wherever you are, have a beer (or your equivalent beverage) in memory of Katy.

RealPlayer Exploit

There is an exploit in RealPlayer and RealPlayer One that could allow someone to run arbitrary code on your computer. You can also check out Real's official security announcement that includes a link to a patch. That page seems to indicate that only the Windows versions are affected. Thanks HardOCP.

Ugly Weekend

Well, it was a miserable weekend to be a Michigan sports fan. The Lions lost due to a combined effort of incompetance from both team and coach. The Wolverines lost to the hated Ohio State Sewage. Michigan State got crushed by Penn State. The Red Wings went 0-1-1. At least it's over. The only positive was the Pistons winning at Indiana and Miami.

I plan on making up for this weekend by eating turkey like it's going out of style on Thursday. Hopefully the Lions' annual Thanksgiving Day game won't upset my stomach too much. Did I mention I like turkey?

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