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Friday, December 13, 2002

Linux Flash Player 6 Released

Macromedia has released the non-beta version of their Flash 6 plugin for Linux. You can get it from Macromedia's download page. I've been using the beta for some time and it seems to work pretty well. I just wish I could disable it for the sites that insist on using Flash ads. Thanks HardOCP.

Mac RtCW Demo Released

Aspyr Media has released a single-player demo of Return to Castle Wolfenstein for Mac OS X. You can download it from Mac Game Files (108M). Better late than never, I suppose. Thanks Blue's News.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

FIC's Tablet PC

AnandTech got their hands on a prototype Tablet PC from FIC and ran it through its paces. There is a definite cool factor (in a geek sort of way), but I'm not sure I'd ever have a use for one of these. After my accident with my right hand, it's much easier for me to type than write. I wonder how long it will be before someone gets Linux running on these things :) Thanks Slashdot.

Vivendi Raided

Straight from the "turnabout is fair play" file, French authorities have raided the headquarters of Vivendi Intl. This is a result of an investigation into the ever popular "accounting irregularities" that are all the rage amongst big businesses these days. Obviously piracy isn't the biggest problem affecting media giants these day. Ahhh, Schadenfreude. Thanks Blue's News.

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