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Monday, December 23, 2002

NFL Week #16 Final

Thankfully there's only one weekend left in the season, so Eeyore (most likely) can't catch me. I think she's in league with Satan for picking the Seahawks, though. At any rate, I was 9-7, she was 12-4. Overall I'm 151-88-1 (.629) and Eeyore finally breaks .600 at 145-94-1 (.604).

Making Pop-Ups Even More Annoying

I saw on several sites that a new form of pop-up ad is emerging: one that takes you to a new site merely by mousing over the ad. Blech. I will never buy anything from a company that uses pop-up/under/through/across/whatever ads. All I can say is thank God for Mozilla. That way I never have to know those ads even existed.

Freelancer Interview

The Lancers Reactor posted an interview with Digital Anvil's Jörg Neuman and Phil Wattenbarger about Freelancer, their upcoming space sim. Here's a snip:

TLR: How long do you guys think it will take to explore the entire Sirius Sector?

DA: Ah, now this is the nature of the game. If you don't explore, and simply zing through each system to the next, you could probably touch each system in 4-6 hours. This doesn't mean you've seen everything. Not at all! Each system has it's own character, anomalies, hidden secrets so there's really no way to determine how long it will take to see "everything". Then again, exploring is the nature of being a Freelancer. It's very difficult to determine a true "end" to the game. You can keep exploring for a long long time.

Thanks Blue's News.

All I Want for Christmas . . .

Well, Christmas is just two days away. I'm hoping that the little birdie I heard was right and that I'm getting the complete Monty Python's Flying Circus on DVD. As far as computer stuff goes, I've been looking at getting a CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive from LG or Samsung. Either that or I'll just get a DVD-ROM and wait for a Mt. Rainier-capable drive to replace my current CD-RW. If I get a DVD-ROM, though, I'm going to have to lose my ZIP drive. Other than that, I'd mainly like to have my credit card bill paid off :) I wonder what the other Haus staffers are hoping for . . .

The Master comments: I was hoping for Master of Orion 3, but those bums missed their release dates :-) I'm also was going to get the new Megatokyo comic book, but that was denied by release dates too. I just can't win!

J.t.Qbe comments: I'm hoping for The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition. Since I just wrapped it, I'm pretty sure I'll get it.

Halo Port Problems

GameSpot used their patented "Very Big Font" technology to reveal some information on Gearbox's PC port of Halo. Apparently there are some major problems they had to find solutions for in converting the title from XBox to PC. The port is supposed to be out in the middle of next year. Thanks Blue's News.

Saturday, December 21, 2002

Freelancer: Bretonia Preview

PC.IGN posted a bit of background information from Freelancer, the upcoming space sim from Microsoft and Digital Anvil. It focuses on one of the four houses in the game, the Bretonians. There's not much gameplay information, but since there are three pages of information on just one of the houses, it shows the depth this game will have. I really want this one to be good . . . Thanks Blue's News.

NWN Linux Client Update

Bioware made their last update to the Neverwinter Nights Linux client page for the year. I would have hoped there would be more to report, but here's the sum total of their announcement:

This will be the last OS update for the year 2002 as we are off on our Christmas break. Our next OS update is scheduled for Friday, January 10th, 2003.

Despite all of the excitement around sound and The Two Towers, work on the Linux client this week consisted mainly of finishing up some display issues. Resolution switching, full-screen modes, and other mode switching was pretty flaky, but is working fine now. Sound-wise (Samwise?) we are gutting and replacing code like mad and look forward to the the final integration in the new year. There will still be about a week or two of work to make the final changeover.

Well, I guess we'll wait a few week for any word on a beta . . .

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