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Thursday, January 9, 2003

Gainward Ti4200 Problems

Excessive Hardware is reporting massive problems with the Gainward GeForce4 Ti4200. Of the 26 cards they tested, 23 couldn't make it through the 3DMark test, 2 caused BSOD on boot-up, and one blew a capacitor. Yikes. Gainward is going to release a statement on this. For now, a different brand of Ti4200 is definitely recommended. Thanks HardOCP.

Wednesday, January 8, 2003

New UT2K3 Dedicated Server Released

Epic released a new dedicated server package for Unreal Tournament 2003 for Windows (247M) and Linux (237M). The links are to 3D Gamers. This brings it up to version 2166b. Here's the scoop from the readme:

This is a dedicated server only version of UT2003. It contains ucc.exe and the minimum files required to host games for retail UT2003 players. You may use it for free provided you agree to the terms in the License.txt file in this archive.

After you install it, you will need to get a dedicated server-only CD key here.

Licq 1.2.3 Released

A new version of my favorite Linux ICQ clone, Licq, has been released. This version fixes a ton of bugs and memory leaks and has very good support for the v8 protocol. A complete changelist can be found here and you can download it here.

Freelancer Hands-On Preview

PC.IGN got 10 hours to play a build of Freelancer, Microsoft and Digital Anvil's much-delayed space sim. Here is their preview. The more I hear about this game, the more it sounds like a big, shiny version of Elite. If that's true, it would definitely be A Good Thing. Thanks Blue's News.

J.t.Qbe comments: Hmmm, interesting preview. I'll say up front that it sounds like it's going to be an interesting game. However, it also sounds like they're pushing it in the direction of some of the recent Elite wannabes. Two words: "missions" (Elite allegedly had a few, but I never saw one) and "story" (Elite's story ended when you closed the manual). Elite never ended (till we quit playing); Freelancer will, though you can continue playing after finishing the story.

I wonder if Freelancer will end up being more Privateer 2 than Elite. If it's done well, will anyone care? I won't: I'll gladly play it either way.

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