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Friday, January 10, 2003

Shadows of Undrentide Interview

HomeLan Fed caught up with BioWare's Ray Muzyka, Greg Zeschuk, and Darcy Pajak as well as Floodgate's (and former Looking Glass) Paul Neurath and Rick Ernst to talk about Shadows of Undrentide, the upcoming expansion for Neverwinter Nights. Here's a snip from the interview that I'm sure NWN fans will love:

HomeLAN - What other new gameplay elements will be put into the expansion?

Darcy Pajak - One of the significant new additions is the henchmen interface which will be upgraded by allowing the player to access their henchmen’s inventories. There will be a number of tweaks and improvements made to the entire game, including adding scripting commands, tuning basic AI routines, and including the ability for a player to create new items. Overall we’re really looking forward to providing new features to our Neverwinter Nights fans.

Hopefully next week's NWN Linux client update will officially announce Linux support for this! Thanks Blue's News.

NWN Linux Client Update

After a long hiatus for the holidays, the Neverwinter Nights Linux client page has been updated. While this update has very little along the lines of major facts, it looks like that will all change next Friday. We should hope so. Here's the update:

We have finished integrating the Linux version of the Miles Sound System into the Neverwinter Nights Linux client. There have been a number of questions regarding the Neverwinter Nights Linux client including such topics as installation, expansion packs, betas, and release date. We will be spending all of next week (January 13 - January 17) working on answers to all of these questions for the January 17 update. Stay tuned.

The AOL/Time Warner Debacle

CNBC is going to have a special this weekend called The Big Heist: How AOL Took Time Warner. I remember when that merger was originally announced, everyone was terrified of this media Godzilla. As it turns out, the only ones who had to be afraid were Time Warner stockholders who lost money by the truckload. That link contains bits from the special. I'm going to have to try to catch that one.

Linux Audigy 2 Support Coming Soon

Creative's open source page has been updated with good news for Audigy 2 owners. Creative Labs has finally given the open source programmers enough information on the chip to include support for this new card. I wish Creative would finally come out with the binary drivers they've been talking about for eons. I've a feeling that I won't live long enough to see that come true.

MOO3 In-Depth Review

Apolyton Civilization Site has begun posting a in-depth Preview of Master of Orion 3. The first part posted is titled "Part 1: Let's Meet the Players, and is a review of the races available in the upcoming game. While there's not much on the game itself, it's a good review of the various races you'll be able to play.

Upcoming UT2K3 Patch Info

Unreality got a list of changes and fixes that will be in the next patch for Unreal Tournament 2003. The most interesting one was this:

fixed rocketlauncher can lock onto invasion monsters (bonuspack)

Hmmm. I wonder what they have up their sleeve for the bonus pack? Thanks Blue's News.

Thursday, January 9, 2003

Gainward Ti4200 Problems

Excessive Hardware is reporting massive problems with the Gainward GeForce4 Ti4200. Of the 26 cards they tested, 23 couldn't make it through the 3DMark test, 2 caused BSOD on boot-up, and one blew a capacitor. Yikes. Gainward is going to release a statement on this. For now, a different brand of Ti4200 is definitely recommended. Thanks HardOCP.

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