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Monday, January 13, 2003

PalmSource to Drop Graffiti

PalmSource, the OS subsidiary of Palm, announced that it will be dropping Graffiti handwriting recognition in future versions of its OS. The reason? A suit brought by Xerox claiming that Graffiti was basically the same as its Unistrokes technology. Ah, lawyers. It will be replaced by Graffiti 2, based on CIC's Jot, which is already used on Pocket PC devices. Thanks Slashdot.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

Case Out as AOL-TW Chairman

Reuters is reporting that Steve Case (no, not Killcreek) is resigning as chairman of AOL Time Warner. Ironically (or, perhaps not) his resignation comes the day after CNBC's special (story) on the ill-fated AOL-TW merger. All I know is that I'm glad I didn't own shares of Time Warner before the merger . . . Thanks ExtremeTech.

3.24 F@H Clients Available

I just noticed that new versions of the Folding@Home clients are available for download. These 3.24 versions came out right before Christmas. Here's the biggest change, as far as I am concerned:

Support for sending a measure to the assignment server of time taken on past work units (a weighted average), to use as a predictor of how large a work unit can be handled.

Maybe now I can run F@H on my Celeron 400 without worrying about it having to do a work unit that will take from now until eternity to finish. If you download the client, join us on Team Haus!. RCP122, zombie1991, and I are ripping through some serious work units. F@H uses your system's spare CPU cycles to help figure out how proteins fold which will hopefully lead to cures for various diseases and ailments.

I've been running F@H under Linux for two months now. The only time I really notice any problems with it is when I'm using For some reason, OO really slows down when F@H is active. I have no idea why. No other app, even games, gives me any problems.

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