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Friday, January 24, 2003

ATi Insider Trading

The Ontario Securities Commission is accusing some ATi employees of insider trading, including their CEO, Director of Investor Relations, Manager of Marketing Administration, and General Counsel. This could get ugly. Thanks HardOCP.

Less Exciting NWN Linux Update

The Neverwinter Nights Linux client page was updated with some news that wasn't anywhere near as exciting as last week's announcement. Here's the scoop:

We are now into the rather boring stretch at the end of game development. We are currently running through the loop of: find bug, fix bug, make new build, test. Rinse and repeat. Unfortunately, this is also the longest part of development and the most uncertain. It is even harder now to give you a date on the Client Beta.

MOO3 Gold

The official Master of Orion 3 website announced that the game has finally gone gold. It should hit stores in about a month. The press release has a few more details. I'm sure that The Master will nearly wet himself when he hears this. Thanks Blue.

The Master comments: !!! BUSTIN' OUT THE HAPPY DANCE !!!

America's Army Linux Port

The good folks at gave a sneak peek at their third announcement of the Linux World Expo, a port of America's Army! There was a bug that kept them from showing it off, but they did post a screenshot. Absotively, posilutely amazing.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Crossover Plugin 1.2.0 Released

Codeweavers has released version 1.2.0 of their Crossover Plugin, which allows Linux users to use Windows browser plugins. Here's a list of the changes and fixes. I've been a very happy Crossover Plugin user for some time now. I mainly use it to view the occasional Quicktime movie and to listen to the NHL Windows Media broadcasts.

MOH:AA Port Revealed

Those crazy folks at revealed a Linux port of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault at the Linux World Expo today. Yes, icculus is still my hero. My only question is, when does he sleep? Thanks Linux Games.

Jedi Outcast Sequel?

HomeLanFed listened to the Activision investors' conference call. Apparently they let it slip that a sequel to Jedi Outcast will be coming out in fiscal year 2004 (April 2003-March 2004). This would be way too cool if it were true. There's been no official confirmation from LucasArts or Raven yet, though. Thanks Shacknews.

Of course, this game could end up with the longest name in the history of the world. Dark Forces IV, Jedi Knight III, Jedi Outcast II *whew*! UPDATE! Great minds think alike. I just checked Blue's site and he was wondering the same thing. :)

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