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Friday, April 25, 2003

New NVIDIA 1.0-4363 Linux Drivers

NVIDIA has released version 1.0-4363 of their drivers for their various graphics cards in Linux. To upgrade, you can download the new drivers from the link above. If you have the 1.0-4349 drivers installed, you can exit X and issue this command as root to upgrade:

nvidia-installer --update

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

RtCW: Enemy Territory Test

id, Activision, et al, have released a test version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, the free multiplayer stand-alone expansion for RtCW. 3D Gamers has mirrors that do not require a registration. The test weighs in at 101M for Windows and 103M for Linux. Thanks Blue.

Why SCO Must Die . . . Now

CRN interviewed SCO CEO Darl McBride about their suit against IBM. Among other things, he says straight out that once the IBM suit is over, they plan to go after Red Hat and SuSE. It's hard to tell from the article if McBride is arrogant, ignorant, or a plain fool. Whatever the case, IBM will crush them one way or the other. I just hope they manage to do it in such a way that McBride and his brood do not benefit from it. Countersuing them out of existence and then buying up the scraps would do it. Maybe all Linux users could get a free whack at his kneecaps with a Louisville slugger too. Thanks Slashdot.

Or maybe he's just doing this because his parents named him "Darl."

The Master comments: I was willing to cut SCO a LOT of slack on their lawsuits until they sued IBM. Now, I am truly irritated by their gall. Obviously they deserve to earn no more of anyone's money, much less ill-gotten money like the kind they're working for now.

UT2K3 2225 Patch Released

Epic has released the 2225 patch for Unreal Tournament 2003. You can see a list of mirrors here and check out the release notes here. The patch is available for both Windows and Linux, although that page currently only has the Windows files listed.

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