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Thursday, May 22, 2003

UT2K4 on Linux Confirmed (Sort of)

I was reading Ryan "icculus" Gordon's .plan when I ran across this passage. He was talking about added FSAA to the Mac version of UT2K3, but he also seemed to indicate that UT2K4 will indeed be coming to Linux.

Adding FSAA took patches to SDL, so I'll be submitting them back for inclusion in the SDL CVS repository. Presumably this will work on Linux and Windows, too, but those poor bastards will have to wait for ut2004. Don't say I never do anything for you guys. :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Diablo II 1.10 Interview caught up with Blizzard's Bill Roper at E3 and fired some questions at him about the fabled 1.10 patch for Diablo II. He gives some insight into the patch, which adds quite a bit of content and makes it harder to level up just by being within nuclear weapon distance of high-level characters.

OSI SCO Smackdown

The Open Source Initiative has posted a position paper on SCO's lawsuit against IBM. They attack some of SCO's points one by one. They can't comment on IBM's contract or the source in question (since SCO hasn't shown either), but they certainly do a good job of weakening, perhaps critically, some of SCO's key arguments.

The Master comments: Oh, this is DELICIOUS reading >:-)

Ren & Stimpy Coming June 26!

The date is drawing near! On June 26, The New TNN will kick off its animation block, including the triumphant return of Ren & Stimpy! They will show new, 1/2 hour episodes as well as the old, uncut classics. I can hardly contain myself!

Software Rendering w/UT2003

The Unreal Technology page has posted a link to the RAD Pixomatic software renderer for UT2003. That's right folks, if your video card doesn't have what it takes, you can still maybe play UT2003. Maybe :-) Here's the word:

A.T. Hun comments: I'd say that that's a pretty big maybe. I'm sure it will be nasty ugly too.

A zip file containing the integration of RAD's Pixomatic software renderer into UT2003 can be found here. Unzipping it into the UT2003/System directory and adding the following section to your UT2003.ini file


should then allow you to select it by modifying your UT2003.ini file as follows.


Keep in mind to lower your resolution to maybe 320x240 or 512x384 in case you have a slow CPU. You can do this from the console by typing "setres 320x240" or "setres 512x384" respectively.

Please check out this thread on the UT2003 forums for questions and bug reports.

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