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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

The SCO Smoking Gun?

An anonymous source "close to SCO" claims that SCO added Linux code to Unix. Obviously, there's no way to confirm this right now, but if this would turn out to be the code in question in SCO's suit, there's going to be Hell to pay. This should be easy to resolve. All you need are the Unix and Linux changelogs and you can prove where the source came from and who did it. Thanks Slashdot.

Monday, June 9, 2003


I had an interesting experience last week Thursday that I think I should relate: when checking my personal email my K9 spam checker classified a very strange email as spam. After looking at it in a text editor, I decided to quarantine it and sent it to Symantec. They got back to me today indicating it was an unknown download.trojan. It was an Outlook/OE-specific HTML embedded trojan that was programmed to install an .exe attachment.

For what it's worth: I am a very careful e-mail user. I don't use the common e-mail clients, and I run everything through the K9 spam filter before it even hits my mailbox. I also run a current version of Symantec AV, and I keep it up-to-date nightly. This still slipped right past the AV software. Keep those AV definitions up to date, and don't depend on your AV solution to keep you safe from viruses. Or, just switch to Linux! (that's for you A.T. :-)

A.T. Hun comments: All hail the power of root! That concept saves Linux users from a multitude of problems. Having said that, if people routinely run programs as root or fail to patch their systems, they can make themselves vulnerable. Viruses, especially the Outlook ones, are just as much of a study in social engineering as they are a study in software engineering.

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