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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Pondering the Imponderable

It seems that the SoBig worm has finally discovered the address. Joy. Mozilla snags them all, but it's annoying to have to deal with them at all. Why is it that whenever I think of worm or virus authors, I immediately start thinking of creative uses for ball-peen hammers?

Drop the DDOS Attack

Eric Raymond posted this open letter urging whoever is behind the current distributed denial of service attack against SCO to stop. I'm with him on this one. I don't know why a few always feel the need to DDOS, as if that helps anything. SCO is doing a remarkable job of verbal hari-kari all by itself. We might as well sit back and enjoy the hemorrhaging.

The Master comments: Well, from the stock price over the last week, I'd say a lot of people with money are buying SCO's FUD, even with all the refutation that has been posted on the 'net. I haven't seen a DROP on SCOX since Monday. This makes me cry.

Friday, August 22, 2003

America’s Army 1.9 for Linux Released

icculus announced that America's Army 1.9 has been released for Linux and soon for the Mac to bring them up-to-date with the prematurely released Win32 version. Pack a lunch, it weighs in at 516M!

Carmack at CNN

CNN posted an article/interview with id's John Carmack. They talk about Carmack's efforts to apply the KISS principle to all of id's games and his quest for space. Thanks Blue's News.

Jedi Academy Demo Coming

I just saw on the brand-spanking new official Jedi Academy site that there will in fact be a demo for the game. That'll give me a chance to make sure the it works in WineX before I plunk down some change for it.

Jedi Academy Interview

Computer and Video Games posted an interview with Activision's Graham Fuchs about Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. There's not a ton that is new in the interview, but there are some sweet new screenshots that I hadn't seen before.

More HoU Info

Bioware has updated their Hordes of the Underdark page with more information on the new creatures and tilesets in this forthcoming Neverwinter Nights expansion. Mind Flayers and Beholders. Schweet!

Finished Penultima ReRolled

I just finished up the Penultima ReRolled series of modules for Neverwinter Nights. If you liked the original, you'll love the follow-up. It also has the first NPC I've ever actually cared about in a game. Bioware could certainly do worse than to hire this guy. Too bad it seems like he won't be creating any more Penultima adventures. Sigh.

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