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Friday, August 29, 2003


Now, here's a fun feature of Red Hat Linux: The up2date system update client uses SSL to communicate with the RH Network. Red Hat announced today that the up2date SSL cert expired yesterday, so you get to go through a manual download/rpm -Fvh to install it. I am not impressed.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Patented Reboot Fix

LOL: Dell Patents the "Reboot and see if that fixes it" method of tech support. I've got a TON of prior art on this one :-) I think Dell ought to get a patent on "make the customer do stupid stuff that they already tried because that's what the Dell Tech Support List of Solutions (tm) says to do" method as well. They'd have to battle that one out with RoadRunner tho.

Update! In the same vein, Slashdot has a fascinating article about Dell's new EULA policy, which basically makes it impossible to use a new Dell PC without agreeing to read EULAs that you cannot read without breaking seals that automatically mean you've agreed to the EULA, without actually reading it! You know, maybe I WILL build my next PC myself.

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