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Monday, September 1, 2003

Happy Labor Day!

I hope all of my fellow Americans out there enjoy their day off work. I always find the way we celebrate Labor Day to be rather ironic. We celebrate the American worker by taking the day off work. It should be no surprise that union leaders dreamed it up. Today also doubles as the seventh anniversary of the day when Mrs. Hun, in a fit of insanity, said she would marry me. As far as I know, no payouts from my parents were involved. She is also extremely pregnant, so the term "Labor Day" could potentially take on a second meaning.

In other news, I finished the final battle in Neverwinter Nights with my Bard (2)-Fighter (5)-Arcane Archer (9). I had gotten to that battle before with a Druid, but the game kind of "cheats" in that you can't rest before the final battle. Without my spells, I was pretty hopeless.

I also continued my 80s metal purchasing spree by picking up Iron Maiden's Powerslave from 1984. Was it really that long ago? Why is it that no one releases any good hard rock albums where, say, the singer can actually sing and the guitarist can actually play?

The Master comments: And the group also writes their own music?

Sunday, August 31, 2003

libSDL 1.2.6 Released

Version 1.2.6 of the Simple DirectMedia Layer has been released! This one includes a fix so that you can play SDL-based games at a resolution other than your desktop resolution without any refresh rate weirdness. That will help with games like UT2K3 and Neverwinter Nights in Linux, not to mention LBreakout2. Thanks Linux Games.

Blaster.B Suspect Arrested

The FBI has arrested a Minnesota teenager for allegedly hacking together the Blaster.B worm. Besides computers his hobbies include fudge, at least if the picture is any indication. If he is in fact guilty, I hope the FBI nails him to the wall.

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