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Friday, October 24, 2003

UT2K4 Preview

HomeLan Fed posted a preview of Unreal Tournament 2004, taking a look at the new gametypes and vehicles. Here's a snip on how the mod system has been revamped (thank heavens):

The way mods will be handled in UT 2004 will be changed as well. Gone is the need for separate execs for mods like what was needed for UT 2003. In the new game, people will be able to open up UT 2004, click on the "mods" tab in the Community section and see a list of mods that have been installed. Click on the mod that you want and the game's UI will change to that mod's set up. The Community section is also new; it will feature updated news, feature "ownage" maps that Epic thinks are cool for download and other things.

I've a feeling that The Master and I will be playing more than a bit of this come next year.

The Master comments: More, cooler UT2K(x)? Sign me up!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

DOOM3 Interview

Computer and Video Games posted an interview with several id staffers on DOOM3. Included is an extended Q&A with the man himself, John Carmack. Here's a snip on the per-polygon hit detection.

"This feature had a lot more an impact than we were expecting," admits id CEO Todd Hollenshead. "We've had per poly detection in single-player for a year, but we never realised the full impact of it, of the player no longer being, effectively, a big rectangular cube. A bullet can now go under someone's arm or between their legs, or just whiz by their head. It definitely puts a premium on aiming. The first thing we realised was like: 'Damn, people are hard to kill in Doom 3 multiplayer. Why is that?' And we looked at the damage values, the hitpoints, the armour, but eventually we realised - we're just missing. We're lousy shots."

Thanks Blue's News.

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