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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Spector on Deus Ex: IW Issues

Ion Storm's Warren Spector made a post on the Ion Storm forums about various "issues" with the Deus Ex: Invisible War demo. If you are have any problems or concerns about the demo, check that post. Thanks Evil Avatar.

Jedi Academy SDK Released

At long last, Raven has released the SDK for Jedi Academy. You can get all of the details from James Monroe's .plan. Hopefully now we'll start to see some real mods! He doesn't supply a link, but I'd imagine that it will show up on 3D Gamers soon.

UPDATE! Raven's Kenn Hoekstra also updated his .plan with several mirrors for the SDK, including the 3D Gamers one that I had guessed at. Ain't I clever? Or a master of the obvious?

Thanksgiving NFL Action

Eeyore and I both pick the Packers and Cowboys for tomorrow's annual Thanksgiving Day NFL games. As a Lions fan, I always get torqued when someone suggests taking the game away from Detroit and rotating it throughout the league. This is about the only thing that Lions fans can call their own, and they want to take it away. That tradition started in the Motor City in 1934, before the majority of teams were even in the league. If the everybody else wants in, schedule a night game and let ABC or ESPN broadcast it. Do you think anyone would complain about a third game?

DX: IW Gold!

Blue has received official word from Eidos that Deus Ex: Invisible War is now gold! The official shelf date is December 3. I'll be getting mine after Christmas, since I need to pick up a new video card before I can play it anyway . . .

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Which SF/Fantasy Character Are You?

From one of the forums I frequent: the SF/Fantasy personality test. I was gunning for Kirk, but ended up Elrond. (A.T. Hun comments: Elrond Hubbard?) There are far worse things, I guess!

The Master comments: I ended up as Jean Luc Picard. Interesting result.

The Master comments: Eeyore scored a Samwise Gamgee. Now, we wait for A.T. :-)

A.T. Hun comments: Well, I guess I got Galadriel, whoever that is and whatever that means. Apparently the majority of people who take that quiz are too.

Handy Startup Command for Diablo II

A lot of people have probably known about this, but I didn't until yesterday. If you start Diablo II by adding -actX (where X is 1-5) to the command line, the character you start will begin at that act with an appropriate level of experience and unassigned skill points. It's handy if you want to see how a character build is going to turn out. Unfortunately, you still have no gold and no equipment, but you get the point.

Pondering the Imponderable

I spent some time this weekend cleaning out the closet in my office. I recycled some old friends--a bunch of old Turbo C++ books I bought many moons ago. Most of them refer to old DOS versions of Turbo C++ and/or ancient versions of C++. I was never going to use them again, but it was still hard to part with them. I also finally tossed my 2400 baud modem. I probably paid a small fortune for that at one time. It's amazing how much room you can have if you just ditch some stuff you never use.

I also rearranged all of my spare computer parts. One tip: when you get a device with a DC adaptor, make sure to write on it what it is for. I've got a couple of adaptors of indeterminate origin. Some of them are kind enough to at least put the brand name on them. Some say nothing. I also seem to be accumulating the world's largest collection of IDE cables, CD-ROM-to-sound-card cables, and phone cords. Heaven only knows why.

J.t.Qbe comments: A few weeks ago I unpacked a box and found my Turbo C 1.0 floppies--I bought Turbo C the week of its release. It was SO COOL to have a C compiler on my PC!

As far as collections go, I have accumulated the world's largest collection of hard drives between 200MB and 500MB in size, as well as RAM SIMMs below 8MB.

PC in LA

In case you didn't understand why California is so screwed up (or needed another reason to pray for a major tidal wave and/or earthquake), we present this piece of wonderment from Apparently some brain cell in the County of Los Angeles decided that using the terms Master/Slave to refer to computer devices was insensitive and should no longer be used. Sigh. The mind boggles. It's been said that people rise to the level of their incompetence. Maybe "rise to the level of their stupidity" would be more direct and to the point. Thanks Slashdot, I think.

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