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Monday, December 29, 2003

Hordes Finished

Well, I just finished Hordes of the Underdark. It was a lot of fun. Now it's time to check out the cool things that the community is doing with the new tilesets and epic characters. I took a monk character all the way through Shadows of Undrentide, a bit of Neverwinter Nights itself, and all of Hordes. I've got an arcane archer that I took through SoU and the last two chapters of NWN who will probably be the next candidate for HotU. If you liked NWN and SoU at all, get HotU. You will be very pleased.

NFL Week #17 and Regular Season Final

With so many upsets this weekend, I'm surprised Eeyore and I did as well as we did. I was 10-6 while she was 11-5. That means that I edged her out this year by only one game. My final tally is 169-87 (.660) and Eeyore's is 168-88 (.656). This is by far the closest it has been in the years that we've done this. Here's a little table to show you how things have gone in the four years that we've been doing this:

YearA.T. HunEeyore
2003169-87 (.660)168-88 (.656)
2002162-93-1 (.633)155-100-1 (.605)
2001150-98 (.605)141-107 (.569)
2000161-87 (.649)132-101 (.566)
Overall642-365-1 (.637)596-396-1 (.601)

Note that Eeyore did not pick the games the first Sunday that I decided to try this. That's why she has 15 fewer total games than I do. This was my best year, but I needed every bit of it because Eeyore just exploded. I've asked NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue to look into it.

For a bit of nostalgia, here's my first picks, all the way back in September of 2000. It even included a Daikatana reference! One week later, Eeyore joined the fray. Ahh, memories.

Benefits of Telecommuting #285

At 3:00pm your preschooler says, "Dada, why are you working in your pajamas today?"

A.T. Hun comments: Now you know why there are no Haus webcams.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

DX:IW 1.1 Patch Released

Eidos has released the Deus Ex: Invisible War 1.1 patch. This has a slew of fixes and modificatiosn to the basic game. The official commentary thread is here. Here's the change list:

Update! I played a good 2 hours of DX:IW last night, and I was quite impressed by the game overall. The graphics have been improved over the original and the gameplay is quite polished. Once I can get some screenshots taken and spend a little more time reviewing all of the interface, I will get a full review posted.

A.T. Hun comments: A review?!? *gasp* *wheeze* *croak* Of course, he talked about a Deus Ex review too.

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