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Friday, January 30, 2004

Linux Games Facelift

I'm a sucker for a fresh web design, so I have to point out Linux Games' new look. I like it much better than their old Halloween-esque scheme.

Even More 2.6.1

What little computer time I've had the past several days (and I still need about an extra day this week) was spent on ironing out some more issues with the Linux 2.6.1 kernel. I'm now booting to it by default. The only major issue that remains is getting Dosemu (a DOS emulator) working. It seems that the fix that memory management problem (story) broke something with it. It works with 2.4.24, but not with 2.6.1. Linus himself wrote a patch to fix it. I'll have to figure out what I need to do to apply it, or wait until 2.6.2 comes out.

The fix I described on Wednesday also allowed me to get MIDI working with ALSA. I even loaded one of my SoundFonts to make it sound all nice and wave-tabley. I know I probably shouldn't be that amused by MIDI, but I am (although not as amused as The Master is).

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

2.6.1 Update

I seem to have conquered ALSA in the 2.6.1 kernel finally. Getting the alsamixer to work required running the MAKEDEV.snd script in the scripts directory of the kernel source. I also got my Samsung ML-1710 laser printer working. I discovered that instead of the "printer" module, the 2.6 kernel now uses usblp for USB printers (apparently in their never-ending quest to have every module name sound like noises one might make whilst vomiting). The init scripts still want to try to load certain modules several times, but that's just a boot-time annoyance. There's some other odd things I need to look into, but so far, so good.

The best part (so far) about the new kernel is being able to actually burn CD-Rs at decent speeds. I got some Fuji discs (made by Taiyo Yuden) to top out at 42x at the end of the burn. Even at 42x, I was hovering around 85% of the CPU free, as opposed to, well, 0% free with the 2.4 kernel. The Memorex ones I have (made by CMC Magnetics) don't fare as well. It seems that if a company has its discs made by different manufacturers, look for "made in Japan" on it. For example, I found some Fujis marked "made in Taiwan" which were CMCs. These Taiyo Yuden ones were marked "made in Japan." It's no guarantee, but until they list the actual makers on the packaging, it's the best one can do.

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