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Thursday, February 5, 2004

UT2K4 Linux Info

Linux Games culled some information from 3DGPU's Unreal Tournament 2004 IRC Q&A about Linux support in the game. Some of it is stuff that I already knew, like the fact that VOIP is going to be usable. There is some other stuff I didn't realize, like the fact that they will be releasing a 64bit version of the game too.

Minor Konsole Fix

I've been having a minor problem with Konsole in KDE 3.2 ever since I upgraded. Whenever I ran it, it was ignoring my console settings in my .profile. After finally thinking to RTFM, I found out that you have to add a --ls command line switch to get that to work. I have no idea why they made that change, but at least it's back. Now I have my regular prompt, ls coloring, and aliases back. Despite the improvements to Konqueror as a file manager, I still like to bust open a Konsole to get some serious command line work done.

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

The Critic: It Doesn't Stink

Yesterday I got my Critic DVD set from Amazon, so Mrs. Qbe and I watched the first 3 episodes. Yep, they're as good as we remember--a little dated (they ARE 10 years old, after all) but still a riot. In 3 episodes we got to see (our favorite) Edward Plungerhands ("Please shoot me"), Crocodile Gandhi, and Ahnold in Rabbi P.I. ("Hava nagila, baby"). I'm forever grateful to whomever decided to put this series on DVD.

Linux Kernel 2.6.2 Released

Linus and company have released the 2.6.2 kernel for Linux. You can get all the details at For downloading, it would be good to hit a mirror site. Despite being posted on Slashdot, I was able to download the kernel from the German mirror at a tasty 80K.

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