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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Linux UT2K4 Demo Update

icculus posted a link to a patch for the Linux Unreal Tournament 2004 demo in his .plan. The patch fixes a ping problem in server browser and allows for external text-to-speech synthesis. I'm must confess that I'm not sure why people would want every inane thing that somebody types in a game to be turned into speech.

The Master comments: Considering some of the "witty repartee" I've seen on most of the public servers, I'm quite certain I'd rather ram a railroad spike through my ears first.

Linux Kernel Exploit

Somebody needs to shoot whoever wrote the mremap() system call in the Linux kernel. A new exploit was found in it which could give root permissions to a local user or DOS the memory system. Affected kernel versions are <= 2.2.25, <= 2.4.24 and <= 2.6.2. Linux himself confirms that 2.4.25 and 2.6.3 fix the problem. Here is the security notice for your perusal. Check with your vender for a new kernel or snag the code at

Having said all of this, as annoying as this bug is, you need local shell access to exploit it. If people you don't know or trust can get that at your box, you probably have greater problems. Obviously, ISPs and the like will need this update. I'm compiling as I type this.

UPDATE! Great! KDE 3.2's arts doesn't get along with the version of ALSA in the 2.6.3 kernel. Sigh.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

NWN Community Expansion Pack

Bioware is giving a little pr love to the Community Expansion Pack, which will add a metric slew of new content to Neverwinter Nights. Basically they took the best of the best community-made content and put it together in one pack. Bioware has no official involvement in it. My only question is, how big will this thing be?

Free Windows Update CD

Microsoft is offering a free two-disc update CD for Windows 98, 98SE, 2K, ME, and XP. The discs include all of the Windows critical updates released through October of 2003. This would be extremely handy, especially for those of you who are planning a reinstallation sometime soon. I don't know if they keep track of such information, but they should find it interesting that I ordered this via Mozilla 1.6 in Linux :)

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