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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Destructive Worm Targets Firewall

There's a nasty new worm on the loose that targets a flaw in the BlackICE and RealSecure firewalls. The really bad thing is that it will overwrite parts of your hard drive, making it inaccessible. If you use either of those firewalls, check this page for a patch. Unfortunately, they don't say what to do if you are already infected. Thanks Slashdot.

Friday, March 19, 2004

Epic Puts Smack-Down on Cheaters

In a forum post, Epic announced strong measures against cheaters including the ability to ban a CD key via the master server. This is good news since I've heard that aimbots have already been produced. Now all the need to figure out is how to send 20 jillion volts to a cheater's keyboard.

Atari and Epic Offer UT2K4 Servers

Atari and Epic have set up a system so users can rent servers for Unreal Tournament 2004 starting on Monday. For a private server it is $4 per player with a minimum of eight players. It seems like a reasonable amount for a clan. It'll be interesting to see what the inital feedback from this is like.

UT2K4 Vehicle Horns

Epic gave all the vehicles in Unreal Tournament 2004 two horns, the standard one and an alternate one. To hear the alternate one, edit your User.ini file. Change the key of your choice so that it reads like this:

Key=playvehiclehorn 1

Replace Key with whatever key you want. I used H. The alternate horn on the Leviathan sounds like a huge ship. The Manta plays "La Cucharacha." The Scorpion plays "Dixie." All we need now is a new Scorpion skin so we can play Dukes of Hazzard! Or maybe not. This works in both the full version and the demo.


I still don't have UT2K4. I am hoping to have it by Monday or so. Hopefully things will work out, because otherwise I'm going to have to get the 25 CD version, which means I might be playing UT2K4 by Thanksgiving or so.

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