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Monday, March 29, 2004

Fix for AS-Mothership

I've been struggling mightily to be able to play the AS-Mothership level in UT2K4 at anything resembling a decent framerate. I tried dropping the resolution to 640x480 and dropping all of the details to their lowest setting. No good. So I finally sent a mail to the UT2K4-Linux mailing list for help. Ryan "icculus" Gordon told me to open up my UT2004.ini file and change VARSize from 32 to 64. That controls how much static geometry in megabytes can be cached in AGP memory. The result was very dramatic. It's still a beast, but now I get framerates somewhat comparable to the rest of the Assault maps instead of the ~9FPS I was getting. I want to go back and see how that setting will affect the rest of the maps, especially the bigger Onslaught and Assault maps.

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