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Monday, April 5, 2004

Happy 10th, Elder Scrolls

Ten years ago this month, Bethesda Softworks released Arena, the first of many games in the Elder Scrolls universe (you may have heard of the most recent, a little game called Morrowind). To celebrate, Bethesda has put up a chronology of the games and has made Arena available for download. Find it all, along with a giveaway, here.

I still have the December 1993 issue of Computer Gaming World with the extensive Arena preview. It looked highly cool, but my old 286-12 was far short of the steep hardware requirements (385-25, 4MB RAM). Just a few years later I ended up spending far too many hours on its successor, Daggerfall. Those were some great games.

Saturday, April 3, 2004

Pondering the Imponderable

I know this site is starting to sound like a UT2K4 fan site, but hey, that's the game that's taking up the majority of my spare time. I like it a lot. I like how they've tweaked bombing run by not allowing a ball carrier to immediately translocate after a pass (to stop the "passing to yourself" tactic) and how the "speed" adrenaline ability drains more quickly if you have the ball (or flag in CTF for that matter). It forces you to pass and use teamwork to score.

I also decided that I needed to add another attack to my arsenal, so I've been working on shock rifle combos (alt-fire a plasma ball and blast it with the primary fire). Now that my aim is slowly returning, that's becoming a very nice option. Basically, I got sick of the bots doing it to me and decided to return the favor.

J.t.Qbe comments: No, you did have one non-UT2K4 article here a while back, didn't you? Hmmm. Can't remember.

The Master comments: Well, since Id hasn't released DooM yet, and none of us are into MMORPGs, and most of the rest aren't playable on Linux anyway, I guess there's not much else to talk about. Heh :-)

Onslaught Source Released

Psyonix has released the C++ code for Onslaught in Unreal Tournament 2004. This should help mod makers design new vehicles. There's also a tutorial on that page with design tips for people making custom Onslaught maps.

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