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Thursday, May 13, 2004

UT2K4 3204 Patch Released

Epic has released the 3204 patch for Unreal Tournament 2004. Along with many bug fixes, this patch eliminates the need to have the CD or DVD in the drive when playing (of course, Linux users had this ability all along). It's not showing up on the official website yet, but Beyond Unreal has a mirror and a complete changelog. This thread on the Atari forums has even more mirrors. This is only the Windows version. The Linux and Mac versions are supposed to be out soon.

The Master comments: Had a brief chance to play with the new patch Thursday night. Overall, everything seemed to flow like before, the bots seem to get into vehicles more often, and the sides switch made for very interesting play--I kept getting screwed up keeping my base side straight.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Half-Life 2 Video

I snagged a DivX copy of the Half-Life 2 E3 trailer from Tiscali Games. That page is not in English, but you'll be able to figure it out. It looks pretty cool, especially the water effects. I also heard a report on Planet Half-Life that Half-Life 2 multiplayer will in fact be Counter-Strike 2. That'll be cool and probably sell many copies all on its own. Finally, the official Half-Life 2 site has been launched.

When I saw the beginning of the trailer, I thought to myself, "The part of Gordon Freeman will be played by Elvis Costello."

Update! Apparently no one's exactly sure how Counter-Strike will or will not be Half-Life 2 multiplayer. I guess we'll have to wait for official word from Valve.

Casper Lives? And Other E3 News.

At E3 this week, Infinium showed a marginally operative model of its new "Phantom" console. It's white (get it--white Phantom? Casper?) and, um, has a swivel keyboard. Unfortunately they couldn't actually show it playing any games because, get this, they said that they couldn't get broadband at E3. Right. They've changed their target audience from "hardcore gamers" to "casual gamers", which apparently means "idiots". Next Great Thing or Scam-O-Rama? You make the call.

Meantime, in the real world Sony and Nintendo both showed WORKING models of their new handhelds, the PSP and DS respectively. I may be interested in the PSP when the price drops to something reasonable.

And continuing the Sony love-fest, Sony announced yesterday that they've dropped the price of the Playstation 2 to $149, both for the standalone console and for the console/network adapter/free game bundle. At that price I'd buy one...if I didn't already have one.

A.T. Hun comments: If I could convince my wife to let me get one without filing for divorce . . . Re: Phantom Would they have us believe that you need a broadband connection to play games at all?!? That hardly sounds casual-gamer-friendly. Anyone else think that thing looks like a George Foreman grill?

Pondering the Imponderable

OK, riddle me this, Batman. How can gas prices go from $1.54 in January to $2.00 in May? Somebody's making a truckload of money. And spare me the "in (name of some small swarthy country) gas goes for $179 per thimbleful." It's still too expensive. Maybe this will help eliminate the "tiny little woman with the massive SUV" epidemic that's been sweeping the country.

J.t.Qbe comments: No, I think that the "stupid drivers thinking they're invincible in SUVs" effect will end that epidemic. And good riddance. They should make SUVs drive on different roads.

Anyway, the "official explanation" for gas prices is that refineries shut down for a while to "prepare for the summer driving season", and so prices go up from March to May. I hope that they're right and that prices do go down again soon.

F.E.A.R. Preview

Gamespy has a preview of F.E.A.R., the new shooter in the works from Monolith--the folks who brought you Shogo but not Shogo 2. I mention this only because everybody knows that F.E.A.R. really stands for the Federal Egg Answering Room, which is in fact a front for F.E.E.B.L.E., the Free world Extra-Earthly Bodies Location and Extermination Center. No word if you do battle with Mr. Neutron or not. For the confused, this will explain what I'm talking about.

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